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Research Materials of Trilobites in China (1)
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Price: US$ 55.00
Research Materials of Trilobites in China (1)
Language:  Chinese with English summary
Author:  Edited by China Scientific Book Services
Pub. Date:  2011-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  
Subject:  Paleontology > Invertebrate
Series:   Size:  
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This collected works contains following 34 papers published in Chinese journals in recent years.
It may be used as research materials in the field.

1. Two New Ordovician Trilobite Genera From Western Marginal Areas of the North China Platform (in English)
2. Silurian Trilobites Prom Santanghu, Barkol, NE Xinjiang (in English)
3. A New Ordovician Trilobite Ovalocephalus Eoprimitivus Sp. Nov. from the Dawan Formation, Yichang, Western Hubei (in English)
4. New Polymerid Trilobites and the First Record of Erixanium from Upper Cambrian in western Hunan, China (in English)
5. New Material of Ordovician Trilobite Omeipsis Zhenxiongensis Luo, 1974 (in English)
6. Notes on the Genus Reedocalymene Kobayashi, 1951 (Trilobita, Ordovician) (in English)
7. Occurrence of Pseudoglyptagnostus (Cambrian Trilobita) in South Korea and the Significance of the Slope Biofacies of Korea (in English)
8. Arenig Trilobite Associations of Daping, Yichang, Hubei, South China (in English)
9. On Taxonomic Position of Late Cambrian Protaitzehoia Yang (Trilobita) (in English)
10. A New Species of the Trilobite Abadiella From the Lower Cambrian of the Eastern Officer Basin, South Australia (in English)
11. Trilobite from Uppermost Changhsingian in Anshun, Guizhou Province (In Chinese with English summary)
12. Some Middle and Upper Cambrian Trilobites from southeastern Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
13. New Material of the Middle Cambrian Trilobites from Eastern Yangtze Gorges Area (In Chinese with English summary)
14. On the Cambrian Trilobites Tingyuania and Dinesus (In Chinese with English summary)
15. Discovery of Oryctocephalid Trilobites from the Tsinghsutung Formation (Duyunian Stage, Qiandongian Series, Cambrian), Jianhe County, Guizhou Province (In Chinese with English summary)
16. A New Species of Sapushania (Trilobita) In Lower Cambrian Chiungchussu Formation from Kunming, Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
17. On the Genus Megapalaeolenus Chang, 1966 (In Chinese with English summary)
18. Silurian Encrinuroides (Trilobita) from Southwestern China
(In Chinese with English summary)
19. Biostratigraphy of Trilobites from Changhia Stage (Late Middle Cambrian) in Shandong (In Chinese with English summary)
20. Lower Middle Cambrian Boundary and Trilobite Fauna at Laoyingshan, Huainan, Anhui (In Chinese with English summary)
21. New Trilobites from the Upper Cambrian Changshanian Stage of Eastern Liaoning, NE China (In Chinese)
22. Silurian Trilobites from Central Jilin Province, China (In Chinese with English summary)
23. Trilobites from the Middle Cambrian Hsuchuangian Stage of Zhangxia, Changqing County, Shandong Province (In Chinese with English summary)
24. Trilobites from the Uppermost Torsuqtagh Group (Cambrian-Ordovician), Southern Kuruktag Area, Xinjiang (In Chinese with English summary)
25. Upper Middle-Upper Cambrian Trilobites of Hancheng Area, Shaanxi (In Chinese with English summary)
26. Trilobite Community and Paleoenvironment of Late Cambrian in Western Huhan to Western Zhejiang, China (In Chinese with English summary)
27. New Trilobites from teh Upper Cambrain Changshan Formation of Shandong and Liaoning (In Chinese with English summary)
28. New Lower Cambrian Trilobites from Eastern Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
29. Some Trilobites from the Middle Cambrian of Western Honan (in Chinese)
30. Upper Permian Trilobites from Qinglong and Anshun of Guizhou (In Chinese with English summary)
31. Early Cambrian Trilobite Faunas from Yangjiaping of Shinen, Hunan Province (In Chinese with English summary)
32. Some Late Cambrian Trilobites from Kushan formation of Qingshuihe, Inner Moungolia (In Chinese with English summary)
33. Some Middle Cambrian Trilobites from Yaxian, Hainan Island (In Chinese with English summary)
34. Trilobites from the Chiulaotung Formation (Lower Cambrian) In Emei Area, Western Sichuan (In Chinese with English summary)


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