Lake Fuxian  


Also named Chengjiang Hai ("hai" means "lake"), Lake Fuxian is a famous deep fresh water lake in the Yunnan Plateau, the third deepest lake in China.

Lake Fuxian is one of the lakes in the Dianzhong lake group, located in the Chengjiang Basin in central Yunnan,between the three counties of Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning. Its surface elevation is 1721 m above sea level for its geographic location.

Lake Fuxian is a tectonic lake in a region' of limestone and sandrock. The lake came into being as a result of erosion and depression of a folding fault, mainly of fault solution. Its lathe bed has a big gradient and a smooth shore, surrounded by mountains at all sides. The lake basin is one of the fault lake basins formed during the rising of the Yunnan Plateau in the Tertiary period. Most of the mountains around it .are fault Block erosion mountains at 1,800 to 2,500m above sea level, in echelons, stretching in an N-S alignment. The mountains in the west are higher than those in the east and those in the north higher than those in the south. High peaks include Mount Laohu, Mount Sanlingzi, Mount Sanliangzi, Mount Maobizi and Mount Liangwang. all above 2500 to 2650m.

With crystal clear water, Fuxian Lake is one of the most famous lakes in China. The average depth of the lake is 87 meters (The deepest is 155 meters) and it has a visibility of 7-8 meters. There live more than 20 kinds of fishes in the lake.

Fuxian Lake is a good summer resort and it attracts more and more visitors year by year. It is quite a good place for camping, sailing boat and swimming. There are many holiday villages and hotels around the lake.

The major scenic areas include Luchong Village, Jieyu Stone and Gushan Island. What¡¯s more, Fuxian Lake is connected with Xingyun Lake by Haimen River in the south.

Fish¡¯s Boundary

There is a rock called Fish¡¯s Boundary in Haimen River which connects Fuxian Lake and Xingyun Lake. It is miraculous that fishes in the two lakes only live in their own area and never swim to the next lake.

?Black Carps Formation

Thousands of black carps gather together in the lake near Gushan Hill in early autumn when it is warm and sunny. The black carps swim and form a world for fishes themselves covering 3,000 to 4,000 sq meters from 7th to 11thof the lunar calendar. The carps do not leave even when people approach and take photos.

Sacred fish which crack sunflower seeds

There is a sacred fish spring near Lijiashan Village. It is quite strange that some black carps live in the spring although it is not connected with any rivers of lakes. There are many beautiful and mysterious legends about the fishes. And the carps can do what fish in other places can¡¯t do. Whenever people put sunflower seeds in the water, the fish will crack them immediately. Therefore, the local people never eat the fish. They honor the fish as sacred fish and have been feeding them for hundred of years.


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