The Funiu Mountain is one of the famous mountain ranges in Henan Province.It is also the zone of transition from the subtropical zone to the warm temperate zone in China,at the same time is the divide of three large water systems of the Yangtze River,the Yellow River and the Huaiho River as well.It is situated in the intermediate region between North China platform and Yangtze platform.Here,the resources of plants and animals are rich and has the fine and enchanting natural landscape.It will be a unusual ideal ecological tourism zone merged into an organic whole with tourism and visiting,ecological demonstration model,a musement and vacationing,popular science and scientific exploration.It has been brought into the plan with the two major developing tourist routes in Henan Province recently.The article give the detailed introduction to the survey of the Funiu Mountain including its geology,natural resources and so on,and the overall analyses of its special tourist value and developing superiorities.In the paper,the author puts forward the basic thinking of development for the ecological tourism in the Funiu Mountain,and supplies the quite good scientific basis for a series of developments of the Funiu Mountain



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