Qinling Mountains  


     The Qinling Mountains simplified Chinese traditional Chinese are a major east-west mountain range in southern Shaanxi province, China.

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Commercial forestry used to be prevalent in the Qinling Mountains prior to the present logging ban. However, if the ban is lifted, these forests could be slated for destruction.

The QinLing Mountains Forming one of the natural geographical dividing lines between North and South China, QinLing range generally refers to the section in ShanXi Province.

The Qinling Mountains Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese are a major mountain range. Most of them are in the Eastern province of Shaanxi, in China.

  Qinling or Tsinling both ch n l ng , mountain range, outlier of the Kunlun Mts., between the Wei and Han rivers, Shaanxi prov., central China Taibai shan 13,494 ft 4,113 m

  Qinling Shandi. Name Type Native. Area State Shaanxi Coordinates Location Type Area Type Hypsographic. Location Type Mountains. Latitude 33.5



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