Wuling Mountain Scenic Area is located in Xinglong County of Chengde City in north-west Pericyclic Beijing, Tianjin, contractors, Tang, Qin five cities, transportation is very convenient. Wuling Mountain to the main peak of the Yanshan Mountains, 2118 meters above sea level. Park a total area of 14,400 hectares, forest coverage 76.2%, is a national nature reserve, the provincial forest park. The park most of the peaks above 1,500 meters in elevation, the main landscape and fairy tower, pond, peach peak distortion, seven wells, Longtan waterfall, stone, etc. Wuling word.

 Plant Park is a warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest, dense forest, a wide range of resources are very rich. 1870 kinds of higher plants have been included in the national protection of 10 kinds of plants, including 178 kinds of rare wild flowers; WULING hills known as medicine, said there are 903 kinds of Chinese medicine plants. Lin secret high mountain, rich in animal resources, there are 161 kinds of birds, including the protection of animals at the national level two kinds of primary and secondary protection of 12 kinds of animals; for Macaques northernmost natural distribution limit.

These China pictures are about Chengde Wulingshan.


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