Lake Chaozhou  

Lake Chaohu in Anhui Province

Situated in central Anhui Province of east China, Lake Chaohu is one of the five most famous fresh-water lakes in China.

The catchment Ol Lake Chaohu is located in central Anhui Province, between the Changjiang River and the Huaihe River, belonging to the lower reaches of the left system of the Changjiang River. It has a total area of 13 350kin2, of which 9 130km2 is in the upper reaches of the sluice gate of Lake Chaohu, covering nine counties and cities of Hefei, Feixi, Liu'an, Shucheng, Lujiang, Wuwei, Hanshan, Chaohu and Feidong.

The topography of the whole catchment is generally long from the east to the west and narrow from the north to the south, higher in the west and lower in the east, with the central area lying low and fiat, belonging to the central region of the Changjiang-Huaihe hills. Around it are mountains of Fucha,Fenghuang. Yinping, Yefu, Dabie and Fanghu. The topography is roughly of three types.

Chaozhou Westlake, hill green with rely on lake, lake is blue with close to hill. is the moat of Chaozhou, with the west move of city build barycneter, here already become watershed between ancient city and new city area, also city tache that come down in one continuous line, on carry out ¡°protect old city area , establish new city are¡± guideline, should give attention to two and progress together. if city layout of Chaozhou already oriented in landscape, so Westlake is a green garden of ancient city, can call the green bright pearl of new century environment protect city.

Westlake is a branch of Han River in the past, also is slender lake clashed by flood. According to ¡¶Fang Yu summary¡·record: ¡°Stretch in decade mile¡± build north bank in Tang dynasty, cut it away from Han River, become s wide and long lake. During year 758 to 759, emperor issue rescript, set 81 free captive animals pool and this Westlake is one of it (in the past foot of Westlake hill carved ¡°free captive animals¡±, now at south side of lake center kiosk there is a pool, called free captive animals pool). Because cucurbit hill which is Westlake depend on, has a effect of protecting city, feudal official in past dynasty all pay attention to the build and dredge of it. Worth mention is that in Nan Song, magistrate of army Lin Biao and magistrate of state Lin Guangshi, they contribute to Westlake and cucurbit hill a lot. Lin Shiguang ¡¶Dredge lake inscription¡·. In Yuan dynasty, Chaozhou chaos caused by war destroys the sights of Westlake a lot. At early Hongwu due to Chaozhou heavily repair circumvallation, use half of stone and fill the lake, called moat. Later ever rebuild some sight in succession. In Qing dynasty, because suffer destroyed several times, sight of Westlake almost destroyed. In year 1673, build middle city on Westlake hill, defend ¡°three Pan¡± chaos. Resist Qing of Liu Jinahong make Westlake become army fort of dig moat, enclose fence and set emplacement. at nation period occupy as private garden by Hong Zhaolin---¡°Hong Garden¡±. so someone summarize brief history of Westlake as: begin from Tang, famous in Song, destroyed in Yuan, prosperous in Ming, waste in Qing.



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