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Environmental Vibrations: Prediction,Monitoring, Mitigation and Evaluation - Proceedings of the fourth International Symposium on Environmental Vibration (in 2 Volumes)
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Price: US$ 195.00
Environmental Vibrations: Prediction,Monitoring, Mitigation and Evaluation - Proceedings of the fourth International Symposium on Environmental Vibration (in 2 Volumes)
Language:  English
Author:  H.Xia & H.Takemiya
Pub. Date:  2009-01 Weight:  3.2 kg ISBN:  9787030257659
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  1630 pp.
Subject:  Technology > Environment
Series:   Size:  185x280mm
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The environmental vibrations, caused mainly due to train/road traffic, construction activities and factory operations, are being investigated, globally, for their prediction,monitoring, mitigation and evaluation, basically, to improve the quality of life androbust infrastructure in the modern high tech society.
The School of Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University in China is honored to be the organizer of the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Vibrations:Prediction, Monitoring, mitigation and Evaluation (ISEV2009). This symposium, sequel to the first one held in Hangzhou, China in October 2003, the second one inOkayama, Japan in September 2005, and the third one in Taipei in November 2007,provides an international forum to exchange the knowledge, ideas and experiences forpursuing research on prediction, control and mitigation of environmental vibrations.This series of meetings on environmental vibrations were made possible due to the continuous efforts of four professors: Prof. Yih-Hsing Pao, Honorary Chairman of the symposium, who belongs both to the National Taiwan University and Zhejiang University, Prof. Hirokazu Takeyima of Okayama University, Prof. Yunmin Chen of Zhejiang University, and Prof. Yeong-Bin Yang of the National Taiwan University.

This symposium is aimed at bringing together the specialists, researchers and practitioners in environment vibrations, to review recent achievements in the
advancement of knowledge and understanding in these areas, to share the latest developments in research, and to address the challenges faced by related engineeringprojects. Similar to the previous symposia, topics covered by this symposium includethe prediction, monitoring, mitigation and evaluation of ground and structuralvibrations caused by train/road traffic, construction activities, and factory operations.

In order to record this international exchange of experience, knowledge and research discussed during the conference and make it available to the research community andworking professionals, the proceedings are presented in a book form which contains the invited and regular papers written and presented by widely respected academic professionals and engineering specialists. They count totally more than 264 papers from 23 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Australia,Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, U.S.A., Canada, Denmark, Russia,Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nigeria, Hong Kong,and Taiwan. The book describes the current state-of-the art in addition to the expertises and practices in the related fields, which is published by the Science Press of China intwo volumes. The first volume contains nine parts, including Wave propagation,Environmental vibrations induced by traffic loads, Mitigation measures against trafficinduced ground vibrations, Gound vibration induced by underground traffics, Dynamic responses of soils and foundations due to traffics, Structural vibrations induced by human activities, Environmental noises and controls, Dynamics of vehicles and tracks, and Environmental problems due to other sources. The second volume contains eight parts, including Dynamic analysis of structures, Dynamic responses of railway bridges under moving train-loads, Dynamic responses of roadway bridges under moving vehicles, Dynamic responses of bridges under wind action, Dynamic responses of bridges subjected to seismic loads, Parameter identification and damage evaluation of structures, Vibration monitoring and control of bridges, and Other structural problems.



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