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Advances in Seed Science and Technology Volume - 1: Recent Trends in Seed Technology and Management
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Price: US$ 175.00
Advances in Seed Science and Technology Volume - 1: Recent Trends in Seed Technology and Management
Language:  English
Author:  Dr. K. Vanangamudi, Dr. N. Natarajan, Dr. A. Bharathi, Dr. R. Umarani
Pub. Date:  2006-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9798177542584
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  895 pages
Subject:  Botany > Botany: General > Plant Seeds
Series:   Size:  19 X 25 X 4.5 cm
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Recent past a very good amount of research in the field of Seed Science and Technology is being undertaken across the country. Seed research includes seed biology, seed management, seed quality enhancement, production and maintenance of basic seed material, seed production and agronomy, pre-harvest and post-harvest management of seed, seed processing, seed quality control, storage of both orthodox and recalcitrant seeds, seed health, seed industry and marketing. All the said disciplines work together as a team on interdisciplinary mode for the production and supply of quality seed to the endusers, who are the farmers, in a right place and time, in order to achieve a bumper harvest.
The use of good quality seed not only maintains sufficient and required population stand and uniform maturity, but also maximizes the yield by 15-20 per cent. In this context, the importance of seed is very much felt.
It is long felt need to compile all the published literatures that have been documented from the intensive seed research that is going on for the past 25 years in SAU's and Research institutes of ICAR and present them comprehensively in a serious of volume of the book titled "Advances in Seed Science and Technology" and this book is the result of that which targets advanced UG and PG students and plant scientists who possess interests and curiosity to know about the advances in Seed Science and Technology.
The subject matter covered is rather wide and has been categorized into eleven major areas. The first part deals with seed industry, which covers history of seed industry in India, relevance to global market and new avenues in seed industry. The second part deals with physiology and biochemistry of seed dormancy and seed germination. Chapters on genetically modified seeds have been included in third part in order to explain the recent biotechnological techniques used in Seed Science and Technology to the reader. The fourth part contains chapters on seed quality enhancement like, seed fortification, infusion, osmopriming, hardening, pelleting, coating, colouring, etc.,
In order to make available quality seed to farmers, it is important to know about various techniques followed in quality seed production and the same is given in the fifth part. Aquality seed should be both physically and genetically pure. Ways and means to maintain seed quality and purity are given in seventh part. All the efforts generated to produce quality seeds should reach a climax in obtaining high vigour seedlings, for which seed handling techniques are imperative. Therefore, eighth to tenth parts of this book have been allocated to describe the methodologies and precautions to be followed during seed storage and processing.
All the efforts taken by the seed producers to produce quality seed in all aspects will be credited only if it is sold out for a good price. The eleventh part of this book describes the seed marketing policies. The twelfth part contains assorted chapters, which are related to Seed Science and Technology.
Thus all the aspects of the recent trends in Seed Science and Technology have been dealt in this book within a logical sequence and appropriate manner.

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