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Dinosaurs Nurturing in Zhejiang -Dinosaur Eggs of Zhejiang Province
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Price: US$ 55.00
Dinosaurs Nurturing in Zhejiang -Dinosaur Eggs of Zhejiang Province
龙育浙江 - 浙江出土的恐龙蛋化石
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Xingsheng Jin, Tianming Du et al.
Pub. Date:  2012-09 Weight:  1.6 kg ISBN:  9787534032981
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  125
Subject:  Paleontology > Vertebrate
Series:   Size:  240 x 320 mm
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Zhejiang Province is located in the Southeast of China, on the edge of the East Asian continent.  It covers about 101.8 thousand km of land area and 260 thousand km of sea area. In the strata of the Zhejiang Province there exists quite complete sedimentary sequence, The continental sediment basin of Mesozoic is very characteristic: the geological structure is complex. In Mesozoic age the land was covered with large forests and plants, which was the paradise for dinosaur. Zhejiang Province is economically advanced area in China, which pays more attention to the protection of fossils. Almost all of the dinosaur eggs collected from Zhejiang Province are housed in the museums of Zhejiang Province, and most of them are housed in Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. Zhejiang Museum of Natural History has a history of eighty years, and we have been working on preparation, collection, restoration and research of fossils By now, our collection and research have attracted the attention of international scientists We had found dinosaur eggs in several areas in Zhejiang Province in the early 1950s In 1970s, it is the first time we found dinosaur eggs in situ, at Gaotangshi Village, Zhangtan County, Quzhou City. Then from 1990s to now, dinosaur eggs have been found at fourteen counties, among of the aforementioned areas, Tiantai, Dongyang, Longyou and Jinyun are the localities where produce most abundant dinosaur eggs. Types of fossil eggs contain Macroelongatoolithidae, Dendroolithidae, Dictyoolithidae, Spheroolithidae, Primatoolithida and Faveoloolithidae, Besides, we also found tortoise eggs and unknown category eggs By now, we have found a lot of dinosaur eggs in Zhejiang Province, while we didn't get a book to introduce them. For that we publish the book of Dinosaurs Nurturing in Zhiang Dinosaur Eggs of hejiang Province, to introduce some basic knowledge of dinosaur eggs to the public. With that book, maybe you could found dinosaur egg by accident in your daily life 

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