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Hydraulic Fracturing in Earth-Rovk Fill Dam
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Price: US$ 13.30
Hydraulic Fracturing in Earth-Rovk Fill Dam
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Wang Junjie
Pub. Date:  2012-07 Weight:  0.281 kg ISBN:  9787508441498
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  182 pages
Subject:  Technology > Civil Engineering
Series:   Size:  260 x 178 x 10 mm
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水力劈裂是一种在岩石或土体中由于水位上升引起裂缝产生或扩展的物 理现象。土石坝水力劈裂是一 个关系大坝安全的复杂问题。王俊杰编著的《土石坝水力劈裂(英文版)》 从水力劈裂的发生条件和机理、判定准则和数值模拟方法三方面研究土 石坝水力劈裂问题,并研究了糯扎渡土石坝的抗水力劈裂性能。
     《土石坝水力劈裂(英文版)》内容包括:文献综述,水力劈裂发生条 件和机理,心墙土体的断裂韧度和抗拉强度、I-Ⅱ复合 型断裂破坏判定准则,水力劈裂判定准则、数值模拟方法和影晌因素。
     本书读者包括水利工程的研究者、设计者和建设者,以及对水利工程研 究感兴趣的人士。

 Dr. Jun-Jie Wang, the author of this book, was born in Gansu Province of China in 1973. In 1995 and 1998, he got Bachelor and Master degrees of Engineering and Hydraulic Geology respectively at Lanzhou University of E R. China. Dr. Wang got Ph.D of Geotechnical Engineering at Hohai University of P. R. China in 2005. He furthered enterprise postdoctoral research at China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. from 2006 to 2009, and finished the postdoctoral work at Logistical Engineering University of E R. China in 2011. Now, Dr. Wang works in National Inland Waterway Regulation Engineering Research Center, Chongqing Jiaotong University, P. R. China as the professor and doctoral supervisor.

Dr. Wang devoted to the researches on mechanism and theory of the hydraulic fracturing and selfhealing of core crack in earth rock-fill dam in the past 10 years. So far, he has published more than 50 academic papers, 20 more of which were published in authoritative international journals such as 'G6otecbnique', 'Geotechnical Engineering','Geotechnical Testing Journal', 'Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering', 'Engineering Geology', 'Dam Engineering', etc., and applied for six invention patents and one utility model patent.Professor Wang has been responsible or involved in more than ten projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of E R. China, Ministry of Education of E R. China, etc.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wang obtained valuable scientific research achievements in another four aspects of Geotechnical engineering, i.e. (a) mechanism and theory on soil fracture, (b) mechanism and theory on failure of bank soil slope, (c) theory and application of static and seismic earth pressures under steady seepage conditions, (d) mechanism and analyzing method on the stability of over-length pile in layered soils.  




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