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From Fish To Human: The March Of Vertebrate Life In China
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Price: US$ 69.00
From Fish To Human: The March Of Vertebrate Life In China
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Corwin Sullivan, Wang Yuan & Brian Choo
Pub. Date:  2015-06 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787110089378
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  576 pages
Subject:  Paleontology > Paleoanthropology
Series:   Size:  
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From Fish to Human—the March of Vertebrate Life in China,This is a history of vertebrate life in China reconstructed by three palaeontologists from three different countries, which not only answers the classic philosophic question: “where did we come from”, but also opens a window to the amazed, incidental and unimaginable world of the evolution of life. The authors narrate the 500 million year history in such a vivid and interesting way, spectacular but no loss of detail, while abounded with elaborate metaphors and deep reflections. The special focus of the book, the “Nine Key Transitions” in the evolution from fish to human, also deserves the readers’ scrutinization.
In this book, the historical march of vertebrate life in China is examined by describing fifteen representative faunas which were based upon several hundred thousand fossil specimens as solid evidence. Some high resolution photos and structural reconstructions of fossils are presented for the first time, showing the typical Chinese beauty of life in the past hundred million years, and leading the fossil lovers into the exploration of prehistoric life. In the meanwhile, these evolutionary records of the march of life are also part of the charm of palaeontology.

This is by far, in my opinion, the most content-rich, authoritative, and interesting book which describes the journey "from fish to human" based on Chinese Lagerstatten. I believe this book will become a classic, loved by readers from all over the world.
-- Zhou Zhonghe (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of the International Palaeontological Association)

This is an excenllent science outreach book in the field of paleontology, unique in contents and written in a sophisticated manner. The distinctive characteristics of 15 representative fossil faunas from China are described, and nine key transitions in vertebrate evolution are vividly outlined. This book not only will broaden the horizons of its readers, but also is imbued with literary and artistic grace.
----Sun Ge (Vice President of the Palaeontological Society of China, Director of the Palaeontology College of Sbenyang Normal University)

Human beings have a boundless desire to explore natural history, and fossils are among the important keys that can unlock this impulse. This is a book about fossils, but also beyound fossils. Too few good Books of this kind are published.
---Meng Qingjin (Vice President of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums, Director of the Beijing Museum of Natural History)

China is the most fascinating source of paleontological discoveries in the world right now. From fossils shedding light on the origin of vertebrates to fantastic sites that bear witness to some of the early stages in the evolution of our own species, passing through astonishing dinosaurs and pterosaurs from Cretaceous strata--it's all here in this marvelous book! A must for any paleo-enthusiast!
----Alexander Kellner (Academician of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Professor at the National Museum o fthe Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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