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Study on Several Theoretical Issues of Honeybee Biology
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Price: US$ 45.00
Study on Several Theoretical Issues of Honeybee Biology
Language:  English
Author:  Zhi Jiang Zeng et al.
Pub. Date:  2015-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030430755
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  434
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Hymenoptera
Series:   Size:  185 x 265 mm
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Ⅰ.蜜蜂级型分化与基因差异表达(Honeybee Caste Differentiation and Differential Expression of Genel
    1.Diet and cell size both affect queen-worker differentiation through DNA methylation in honey bees(Apis mell(fera.Apidae)
    2.Genome.wide analysis indicates that queen larvae have lower methylation levels in the honey bee(Apis mellifera)
    3.Differentially expressed microRNAs between queen and worker larvae of honey bee(Apis mell(fera)
   4.Expression of sir2,hdac 1 and ash2 in honey bee(Apis mellifera L.)queens and workers
   5.中华蜜蜂DNA甲基化转移酶Dnmt3基因克隆及表达谱分析(Cloning and exDression profiling of the DNA methyltransferase Dnmt3 gene in the Chinese honeybee.Apis          cerana cerana(Hymenoptera:Apidae))
   6.中华蜜蜂dynactin p62基因的克隆及不同发育阶段表达分析(Cloning and developmental expression of dynactin p62 9ene in the Chinese honeybee,Apis cerana cerana(Hymenoptera:Apidae)
Ⅱ.工蜂劳动分工(Division of Labour Among Workers)
1.A comparison of digital gene,expression profiling and methyl DNA immunoprecipitation as methods for gene discovery in honeybee(Apis mellifera)behavioural genomic analyses
2.Behaviour and molecular physiology of nurses of worker and queen larvae ln honey bees(Apis mellifera)
3.Assessment of fiight activity and holning ability in Asian and European honey
bee species.Apis cerana and Apis mellifere,measured with radlo trequency tags
4.基于RFID技术的西方蜜蜂采集行为研究(Study on foraging behavior of honeybee Apis mellifera based on RFID technology)
Ⅲ.蜜蜂遗传与发育(Genetic and Development ofHoneybee)
1.Transcriptome analysis ofthe Asian honey bee Apis cerana
2.Transcriptome difference in hypopharyngeal gland between Western Honeybees(Apis mellifera)and Eastern Honeybees(Apis cerana)
3.A SNP based high—density linkage map of Apis cerana reveals a high recombination rate similar to Apis mellifera
4.Epigenetic modification of gene expression in honey bees by heterospecific gland secretions
5.Changes in alternative splicing in Apis mellifera bees fed Apis cerana royal jelly
6.Nutrition affects longevity and gene expression in honey bee(Apis mellifera) workers
7.Effects of 10一Hydroxy一2一decenoic acid on the development of honeybee(Apis mellifera)larvae
8.Mating flight causes genome—wide transcriptional changes in sexually mature honeybee queens
9.蜂王浆对雌性蜜蜂幼虫dynatinp62基因甲基化影响(Effect ofroyaljelly on the DNA methylation of dynactin p62 9ene in female honeybee larvae)
10.婚飞行为影响中华蜜蜂性成熟处女蜂王的基因表达(Flight behaviour affects gene expression in matured virgin queens(Apis cerana cerana))
11.婚飞对中华蜜蜂性成熟处女蜂王sRNAs表达的影响(The effects ofmating flight on sRNAs expression in sexual matured virgin queens(Apis cerana cerana))
Ⅳ.蜜蜂性等位基因多态性分析(Polymorphism Analysis of csd Gene of Honeybee)
1.The sex determination gene shows no founder effect in the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata
2.Polymorphism analysis of csd gene in six Apis mellifera subspecies
3.csd alleles in the red dwarf honey bee(Apisflorea,Apidae,Hymenoptera)show exceptionally high nucleotide diversity
4.Nucleotide diversity based on csd gene of the black giant honey bee(Hymenoptera:Apidae:A.1aboriosa)
5.中华蜜蜂csd基因的多态性分析(Polymorphism analysis of csd gene in five populations ofchinese honeybeel
Ⅴ.蜜蜂学习与记忆(Learning and Memory ofHoneybee)
1.Comparison of learning and memory ofApis cerana and Apis mellifeFa
2.Cross—modal learning between visual and olfactory in Apis cerana
3.Gene expression analysis following olfactory learning in Apis meg@va
4.The integrative analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression in Apis mellifE'ra following maze—based visual pattern learning.
2.Decision making plasticity of swarming honeybees(Apis cerana cerana)
3.应用微卫星DNA技术研究中华蜜蜂群内工蜂监督效果(Study on the worker policing in Apis cerana cerana based on microsatellite DNA)
4.中华蜜蜂卵表面微观结构及化学成分初步研究(A preliminary study on the ultrastructure and chemical components of egg surface of the chinese honeybee.Apis ceran cerana)
5.中华蜜蜂急造王台的工蜂亲属优惠研究(worker nepotism during emergency aueen—cells building in Chinese honeybee(Apis cerana cerana))
6.中华蜜蜂幼虫信息素鉴定(Identification of brood pheromone in chinese honeybee,cerana cerana(Hymenoptera:Apidae))
7.幼虫信息素中三种酯类对中华蜜蜂工蜂发育和采集行为的影响(Effects of three aliphatic esters of brood pheromone on development and foraging behavior of Apis cerana workers)
蜂王发育影响(Effects of three aliphatic esters of brood pheromone on worker feeding and capping behavior and queen development of A. cerana and A.mell(fera ligustica)

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