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Butterfly Fauna of Taiwan  Vol.3  Hettyperiidae
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Price: US$ 95.00
Butterfly Fauna of Taiwan Vol.3 Hettyperiidae
台湾蝶类志 第三卷 弄蝶科
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Yu-Feng Hsu Chia-Lung Huang Jia-Yuan Liang
Pub. Date:  2019-01 Weight:  1.2 kg ISBN:  9789860586887
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  300
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Lepidoptera
Series:   Size:  190 x 260 mm
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The island of Taiwan is about 36,000 km2, thus only representing 0.024% of the earth's terrestrial surface, but butterflies proliferate across it. In the case of butterflies, the number of butterfly species in Taiwan, Japan (10 times of Taiwan in area) and Australia (213 times of Taiwan)are 380, 214 and 435 species, respectively, indicating that the diversity of butterflies in Taiwan far exceeds that of Japan and Australia, that is, the distinctiveness of Taiwans butterfly habitat in the world. Whether from an academic research, ecological conservation, or education promotion perspective, butterfly resources research is of great importance 
In terms of the research on butterfly classification, Professor Takashi Shirozu published the original book “Butterflies of Formosa in Colour” in 1960 and three volumes entitled “Taiwan Butterfly Design Book” in 1999 were commissioned by Professor Yu-Feng Hsu of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). After nearly 20 years, breakthroughs in molecular biotechnology and the evolution of the concept of species have changed butterfly classification. However, there remains a lack of tools for their taxa to explain detail. Books on classification indicate the importance and urgency of a compilation of biota. The Forestry Bureau invited Professor Yu-Feng Hsu from NTNU to supplement and update butterfly specimens for the verification of taxonomic descriptions and illustrations, textual distribution, and habitats for a long time to complete the publication of the “Butteerfly Fauna of Taiwan” study, which is an important milestone in history. For the first time, a complete series of monographs on the island and the associated islands butterfly resources have been collected and reviewed with the latest data on the current status; written in both English and Chinese, for five volumes in total, with the hope to complete in six or seven years. This year, the volume four Lycaenidae is expected to be published, in the hope of providing research and application to readers both at home and abroad. It is also hoped that compatriots in Taiwan can learn more about the diversity and preciousness of Taiwan’s butterflies to protect their rich natural habitat.


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