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Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.28 Homoptera: Membracoidea: Aetalionidae;Membracidae
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Price: US$ 75.00
Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.28 Homoptera: Membracoidea: Aetalionidae;Membracidae
中国动物志-昆虫纲 第二十八卷-同翅目-角蝉总科-犁胸蝉科;角蝉科
Language:  Chinese,Latin name
Author:  Yuan Feng Chou Io
Pub. Date:  2002-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030098825
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  590 pages + 4 plates, 295 figs
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Homoptera
Series:  Fauna Sinica Insecta Size:  185x260mm
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This volume of Insect Fauna Sinica is a monograph on the superfamily Membracoidea from China. It consists of two parts.  Part I. Includes six chapters. In the first chapter the taxonomic place and category of Membracoidea in the order Homoptera in the class Insecta, the chief identifiable and taxonomic characters, and the significance in the scientific research and productive practice are introduced. In the second chapter the histories to study the classification of membracoids in all over the world and Chine are summed up, and a classification system on the tribes of the subfamily Centrotinae from the world is proposed. In the third chapter the body structures of adult, egg and nymph of the treehoppers and the morphological taxonomic characters, especially the diversity types of outgrowth on pronotum and name system in detail are introduced. In fourth chapter the studies on the bionomics and ecology of Chinese treehoppers are summed up. The types of life history in one year, nymph growth and adult reproduction, sexual dimorphism and polymorphism, active circadian rhythm, protective coloration and mimicry, ant attendance, maternal care, aggregation and presocial behavior, habitat, natural enemies and so on, are dealt with. In the fifth chapter the host plants of 84 species of treehoppers from China are listed, and host specialization of treehoppers and relationships between treehoppers and classification system of host plants are discussed. In the sixth chapter the geographical distribution of 291 species of treehoppers from China is analyzed. 118 species of these treehoppers are recorded in Yunnan province so that the membracoid fauna of this province is the richest in China. The numbers of treehoppers distributing in Guangxi, Fujian, Shaanxi, Xizang and Sichuan are 51, 40, 39,38 and 37 respectively.
Part II deals with the classifications of Membracoidea from China. 281 species are described. They belong to 2 families, 4 subfamilies, 16 tribes and 42 genera. Among them 72 species, 2 genera, 5 tribes are new to science. The nymph of 27 species, the chromosome numbers and sex mechanism of 19 species, and bionomics of 6 species of membracoids are recorde. 273 pecies are illustrated. The keys to family, subfamily, tribe, genus and species are proposed.

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