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Advances in Lichenology Research in China
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Advances in Lichenology Research in China
Language:  English/Chinese with English Summary
Author:  Editorial Group
Pub. Date:  2012-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  
Format:  Paperback Pages:  160 pages
Subject:  Botany > Bryophyte & Lichen > Lichen
Series:   Size:  185*260 mm
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This is a paper collection selected from academic journals in recent years. The following 33 papers are contained in this book.

1.Progress of Lichenology with Special Emphasis on the Articles Concerning Lichens Published in PNAS, Nature and Science in the Last Decade
【Author】 FU Wei, ZHAO Zun-tian,GUO Shou-yu 【Abstract】 The articles on lichens published in PNAS, Nature and Science in the last decade were collected and analyzed. The analytic results combined with review on other important papers showed that the main aspects and significant progress of lichenology appeared in the following fields: lichen fossils, evolution, phylogenetics, photobiont, functional genetics, reproduction,and ecophysiology. The prospect of lichenology in China is also addressed in the present paper.

2.Parmeliaceae(Ascomycota) Lichens from China’s Mainland Ⅵ.Eight Species New to China in Parmelioid Lichens
【Author】 CHEN Jian-Bin 【Abstract】 Parmelioid genera comprise about 40 genera.Some of these genera recently have been combined based on morphological and/or molecular evidence. The 33 genera are currently used with more than 1,500 species.Of which 20 genera with ca.200 species were recorded in mainland China.Eight species new to China in parmelioid lichens,Arctoparmelia separata,Everniastrum lipidiferum,Everniastrum mexicanum,Flavoparmelia baltimorensis,Myelochroa hayachinensis,Parmelia marmorophylla,Parmelia pseudolaevior and Parmotrema pustulatum are reported in the paper.

3.Study on the Lichens of Hebei Wuling Moutain Ⅰ. (Verrucariaceae,Peltigeraceae, Lobariaceae,Collemataceae & Lecideaceae
【Author】 Li Xuedong, Shi Wei Wang, Shunjian Hua, Zhenling
【Abstract】Studies of the 5 lichen families: Verrucariaceae, Peltigeraceae,Lobariaceae,Collemataceae & Lecideaceae from the angles of morphology,anatomy,chemistry and geography are performed on the basis of identification of the specimens collected from Wuling Mountain. One species Dermatocarpon miniatum(L.)Mann.belonging to Verrucariaceae Dermatocarpon;2 species Peltigera aphthosa(L.)Willd.and P.polydactyla(Neck.) Hoffm.belonging to Peltigeraceae Peltigera;1 species Lobaria retigera(Bory)Trev.belonging to Lobariaceae Lobaria;1 species Leptogium menziesii(Sm.) Mont.belonging to Collemataceae Leptogium;1 species Rhizocarpon geographicum(L.)DC.belonging to Lecideaceae Rhizocarpon were accepted.The genera and species which were new to Hebei in this study are as follows: Leptogium menziesii(Sm.) Mont., Rhizocarpon geographicum(L.) DC., Peltigera aphthosa(L.) Willd.

4.Study on the Lichens of Hebei Wuling Mountain Ⅱ. (Usneaceae, Cladoniaceae)
【Author】 Yang Guilan Wang Shunjian Zhang Yaling Hua Zhenling Li Xuedong
【Abstract】 Studies of the 2 lichen families:Cladoniaceae and Usneaceae from the angles of morphology,anatomy,chemistry and geography are performed on the basis of identification of the specimens colledcted from Wuling Mountain.3 species:Evernia mesomorpha Nyl.,Ramalina sinensis Jatta, Ramalina pollinaria (Westr.)Ach.,belonging to Usneaceae:6 species:Cladonia crispata(Ach.) Flot,C.amaurocraea(Flk.) Schaer.,C.pyxidata(L.) Hoffm,C.picillum O.J.Rich.,C.coniocraea (Flk.) Spreng.,Cladina rangiferina(L.) Nyl.were accepted in this study.5 species new to Heibei were reported during this study.They are Evernia mesomorpha Nyl.,Cladonia coniocraea(Flk.) Spreng.,C.crispata(Ach.) Flot.,C.pocillum(Ach.) O.J.Rich.,Cladina rangiferina(L.)Nyl

5.Study on the Lichens of Heibei Wuling Mountain Ⅲ (Umbilicariaceae, Teloshistaceae, Physciaceae)
【Author】 Li Xuedong, Wang Chen, Hua Zhenling, Zhao Huan
【Abstract】 Studies of the lichen families: Umbilicariaceae, Teloshistaceae, Physciaceae from the angles of morphology, anatomy, chemistry and geography are performed on the basis of identification of the specimens collected from Wuling Mountain.One species:Umbilicaria vellea belonging to Umbilicariaceae.Two species:Xanthoria mandschurica,X.alfredi belonging to Teloshistaceae and 5 species Anaptychia ciliaris,Phaeophyscia hispidula, Ph.hirtuosa, Ph.primaria, Ph.exornatula belonging to Physciaceae were accepted in this study.Phaeophyscia exornatula is new to Hebei were reported during this study.

6.Study on the Lichens of Hebei Wuling Moutain Ⅳ (Melanelia,Hypogymnia and Everniastrum)
【Author】 Wu Di Ma Jie Hua Zhenling Li Xuedong
【Abstract】 Studied of the lichen genus Melanelia,Hypogymnia and Everniastrum,from the angles of morphology,anatomy,chemistry and geography are performed on the basis of identification of more than 500 specimens collected from Wuling Mountain.One species(Melanelia tominii) belonging to Melanelia,one species(Hypogymnia fragillima(Hillm.) Rassad) belonging to Hypogymnia and one species(Everniastrum cirrhatum(Fr.) Hale ex Sipman) belonging to Everniastrum were accepted.Two species new to Heibei were reported during this study.They are Hypogymnia fragillima(Hillm.) Rassad and Everniastrum cirrhatum(Fr.) Hale ex Sipman.One species——Melanelia to China were reported in this study.

7. A lichen genus Diorygma (Graphidaceae, Ascomycota) in China (English)
【Author】 MENG Qing-Feng, WEI Jiang-Chun

【Abstract】 This paper deals with a short sketch of the genus Diorygma. Six species of the genus from China are reported, and four of them, D. hieroglyphicum, D. macgregorii, D. pachygraphum and D. pruinosum are new to China. A description for each of the four species is given, and a working key to the Chinese species is also provided.

8.Contributions to the lichen flora of the Hengduan Mountains,China(2).Genus Anaptychia (Physciaceae)
【Author】 LI Hong-ling, LIANG Meng-meng, WANG Li-song
【Abstract】 Four species of Anaptychia were reported in the Chinese Hengduan Mountains.Among them,A.ciliaris and A.isidiza were reported for the first time from the SW-China.Their morphology,identification evidence in chemistry and habitat were described,and the keys for their classification,plants figures and the map of their geographic distribution in Hengduan mountainstrations were also given in the paper.

9.Study on the Lichen Genus Melanelia Western China
【Author】 MENG Fan-ge et al
【Abstract】 Lichen genus Melanelia western China was studied initially.Melanohalea exasperate(De Not.) O.Blanco as the new of Sichuan and Yunnan Province was reported while Melanohalea exasperate(Nyl.) O.Blanc as the new of Qinghai Province was reported.The result provided basic data for the study of lichen resources in western China.

10. The Lichen Order Peltigerales from Mt. Liupan,Ningxia,Northwest China (English)
【Author】 LIU Hua-jie,WU Qing-feng,CHEN Zhen

【Abstract】 Sixteen species belonging to 5 genera,3 families of the lichen order Peltigerales,viz. Leptogium asiaticum and L. burnetii new to Northern China,Collema coccophorum new to Northwest China,Coccocarpia erythroxyli,Collema tenax var. corallinum,C. subconveniens,C. subflaccidum,Leptogium menziesii,L. saturninum,Peltigera canina,P. elisabethae,P. polydactylon,P. praetextata,P. rufescens,Solorina bispora and S. saccata new to Ningxia were collected in various habitats of Mt. Liupan. Peltigeralean lichens are generally rare in Mt. Liupan and show a preference for shady and humid habitats. 更多还原

11.Parmeliaceae(Ascomycota) Lichens from China’s Mainland V.The genera Bulbothrix and Relicina (English)
【Author】 CHEN Jian-Bin, XU Lei, John A.ELIX,

【Abstract】 Five species of Bulbothrix and two species of Relicina are recognized for mainland China.Of these Bulbothrix goebelii,B.tabacina,Relicina abstrusa and R.sydneyensis are reported from China’s mainland for the first time,although they have been previously recorded in Hong Kong and/or Taiwan I.Bulbothrix yunnana is endemic to China.

12.Two species of cetrarioid lichens new to China (English)
【Author】 CHEN Lin-Hai, ZHOU Qi-Ming, GUO Shou-Yu

【Abstract】 Two interesting species of cetrarioid lichens, Ceteliopsis endoxanthoides and Tuckmanopsis americana, are reported from Southwest and Northeast China, respectively. Descriptions and discussions are given for each species. The lichen substances were detected by the standard TLC method for all specimens. Specimens examined are deposited in the Lichen Section, Herbarium of Mycology, Academia Sinica (HMAS-L).

13.Orphniospora(Fuscideaceae),a Lichen Genus New to China (English)
【Author】 ZHAO Zun-Tian, WANG Chen-Lei, REN Qiang

【Abstract】During our study of crustose lichens collected from Mt.Taibai,Shaanxi Province,we discovered an unusual species Orphniospora moriopsis (A.Massal.) D.Hawksw.It is characterized by the dark brown areolate thallus, black apothecia and brown spores.Orphniospora belongs to Fuscideaceae,Teloschistales,Lecanoromycetidae, Ascomycetes,Ascomycota (Kirk et al.,2001).The genus is reported from China for the first time.

14.New Chinese Records of Lichen Genus Acarospora in Xinjiang(English)
【Author】 LI Zhi-cheng, WEN Xue-mei,Gulbostan,Abdulla ABBAS
【Abstract】 Three new Chinese records,Acarospora glaucocarpa,Acarospora peliscypha,Acarospora veronensis,were found according to the classification and identification of the species collected from west mountains in Xinjiang with some related investigated data.

15.Involucropyrenium(Verrucariaceae),a Lichen Genus New to China (English)
【Author】 SUN Zhong-Shuai,REN Qiang1,LIU Hua-Jie,ZHAO Zun-Tian
【Abstract】 The genus Involucropyrenium is reported from China for the first time.It is characterized by a minutely squamulose thallus,perithecia

situated between the squamules,an involucrellum enveloping the whole ascomata,and comparatively large ascospores.

16.Four Lichen Species of Family Physciaceae New to China (English)
【Author】 WANG Yu-Liang, ADILIJIANG Abudula, ZHANG Yuan-Ming, ABDULLA Abbas
【Abstract】 Four species of the Lichen family Physciaceae:Phaeophyscia cernohorskyi,Ph.decolor,Ph.pusilloides and Physconia elegantula are reported for the first time from China.The short descriptions of each species are given.The specimens examined are preserved in the herbarium of College of Life Science and Technology of Xinjiang University in Urumqi.During the study on the Lichen flora of China a lot of species Lichen family found among extensive specimens collected from Xinjiang are new to China.The four species of the Physciaceae reported in this paper are part of them.

【Author】 WEI Jiang--Chun; JIANG Yu--Mei
【Abstract】 A lichen genus Brodoa with a species B. oroarctica (Krong) Gowns in theParmeliaceae (Lecanorales, Ascomycota) is reported from Altai Mountains in Xinjiang ofthe northwestern China. The discovery of the genus from Xinjiang is new to China.Diagnostic notes of the genus and the species collections from China are given in thispaper.

18.Some species of Graphidaceae (Ostropales,Ascomycota) rare and new to China (English)
【Author】 MIAO Xiao-Lin, JIA Ze-Feng, MENG Qing-Feng, WEI Jiang-Chun
【Abstract】 Twelve species of Dyplolabia, Glyphis, Hemithecium, Platygramme, Platythecium and Sarcographa in the Graphidaceae from China
are reported. Six of them are new to China. A description with two photographs to each species based on Chinese collection is given. A working
key is also provided.

19.Anzina,a Lichen Genus New to China (English)
【Author】 WANG Yu-liang,Adilijiang Abdulla,Abdulla Abbas
【Abstract】 A lichen genus Anzina Scheid.and a species new to China collected from Mt.Dabie range in Anhui Province are reported.The specimen was examined and identified by light microscope(LM),scanning electron microscope(SEM) and thin layer chromatography(TLC).The distribution range,chemical component,structure and identification character are also simply summarized.

20.Additions to the Lichen Flora of Mount Taibai,Northwestern China (English)
【Author】 REN Qiang, SUN Zhong-Shuai, LI Ying-Jie, SUN Li-Yan, ZHAO Zun-Tian1,
【Abstract】 Nine species are reported as an addendum to the lichen flora of Mount Taibai in Qinling Mountains of northwestern China.Anaptychia runcinata,Lobaria quercizans and Physconia americana are new to China.The descriptions of the 3 new records are briefly given based on Chinese collections.

21. Endophytic fungi III. Three new records from oak in China (English)
【Author】 SUN Xiang, GUO Liang-Dong
【Abstract】: Three species, Camarosporium eucalypti, Conostroma didymum and Pleuroplaconema sambuci
are reported as new records in China. The characteristics of the three species are redescribed and illustrated.
These specimens were kept in the Herbarium Mycologicum Academiae Sinicae in Beijing (HMAS).
KEY WORDS: Camarosporium eucalypti, Conostroma didymum, Pleuroplaconema sambuci.

22.Endophytic fungi V.three new records from woody plants and lichens in China (English)
【Author】 SUN Xiang, LI Wen-Chao, GUO Shou-Yu, GUO Liang-Dong

【Abstract】 Three species,Disculina vulgaris,Geniculosporium serpens and Myxocyclus polycystis are reported as new records in China. The morphological characteristics of the three species axe described and illustrate. These specimens were kept in the Herbarium Mycologicum Academiae Sinicae in Beijing(HMAS).

23. Endophytic fungi IX. Three new hyphomycetous records from lichens in China (English)
【Author】 LI Wen-Chao1,SUN Xiang1,GUO Shou-Yu, GUO Liang-Dong,

【Abstract】 In a survey of endophytic fungi associated with lichens in Zixi Mountains of Yunnan Province,three hyphomycetous new records in China,Memnoniella subsimplex,Nigrospora sacchari and Stachybotrys atra are reported.Their morphological characteristics are redescribed and illustrated.Strains were deposited in our research group.

24.Endophytic fungi VII. Three new records from lichens in China
【Author】 LI Wen-Chao1, GUO Shou-Yu, GUO Liang-Dong

【Abstract】 Three species, Nodulisporium hyalosporum, Phialophora bubakii and Sporormiella muskokensis were reported as new records in China. Their morphological characteristics were redescribed and illustrated. These specimens (dried cultures) were kept in the Herbarium Mycologicum Academiae Sinicae (HMAS) in Beijing.


25 Two species of lichens new to China(English)
【Author】 YE Jia1,HOU Ya-Zheng, ZHANG Hao, HAN Liu-Fu
【Author】Hebei Province lies in 36°04′-42°40′N and 113°27′-119°50′ E,covering an area of 187,700km2.The hilly area and plateau represent 57% of the total area.The lichen flora of this province is still inadequately known,and only 82 species.


26.An annotated checklist of the lichen family Pertusariaceae from Qinling Mountains (English)
【Author】 ZHAO Jun-Zhen, GUO Shou-Yu, ZHAO Zun-Tian

【Abstract】 Twenty-three species of lichenized fungi Pertusariaceae are reported from Qinling Mountains. Two species are new records for China. Eight species are new for this area. The new records Ochrolechia pseudopallescens and Pertusaria multipunctoides are described according to morphology, anatomy and chemistry and illustrated with the habit of thallus.

27.New Records of the Lichen Genus Lecanora from Northern Xinjiang(English)
【Author】 Reyim MAMUT, Hurnisa XAHIDIN, LIU Li-yan, Abdulla ABBAS, WANG Yu-liang

【Abstract】 The genus $Lecanora$ belongs to the crustose lichens and is widely distributed in the North part of the Xinjiang. In the Genus $Lecanora$, almost all of the species have persistent lecanorine type apothecia. Most of them exist in arid or semiarid regions. As part of a revision of this genus, extensive collections were made in the Hanas Natural Reserve , and we have found three new records to Xinjiang: $Lecanora cenisia Ach$ , $Lecanora crenulata$ (Schaer)Heu in Bull and $Lecanora intricate$ Ach.Llenas. The Lichen products of each species was detected by using color test, TLC and also MCT to some species. The descriptions of each species with comments and color photographs are provided.In this revision we have studied about 300 specimens, and all of them are housed in the herbarium of the College of Life Science and Technology of Xinjiang University in Urumqi.

28. Lichen Flora of Western Part of Yunnan Province,China (English)
【Author】 WEI Xin-li, WANG Li-song, HUR Jae-seoun

【Abstract】 Lichenological expedition was organized by Korean Lichen Research Institute(KoLRI) to survey highland macrolichen at the western part of Yunnan province,China in 2005.The expedition was aimed to collect oversea lichen materials as a potential bioresource for further industrial use.More than 400 lichen specimens were collected and 86 species in 46 genera of lichens were identified from the survey area.Among them,40 species have been reported in Korea peninsula. All the collected specimens are deposited in the herbarium of KoLRI at Sunchon National University in Korea and Crytogamic Herbarium,Kunming Institute of Botany,Academia Sinica in China.

【Author】 CHEN Jian-bin

【Abstract】 This paper presents 12 taxa of Cladonia from Ardley Island and Fildes Peninsula of King George Island in South Shetland Islands,Antarctica. Of these Cl. carneola, Cl. deformis, and Cl. weymouthii are new to South Shetland Is.; Cl chlorophaea new to King George Ⅰ.and Ardley Ⅰ.;Cl. cornuta, Cl. pyxisata, and Cl. squamosa new to Ardley Ⅰ. while Cl.borealis, Cl. fimbriata, Cl. gracilis subsp. elongata, Cl. novochlorophaea,and Cl. sarmentosa were previously known in the study area. The other genera of Cladoniaceae have not been found in the study area.

30.The study of the lichens species diversity in Awuzangou(English)
【Author】 Abdulla Abbas Adiljan Abdulla Reyim Mamut Mayira Mahmut Anwar Tumur

【Abstract】 Our objective was to reveal the lichens species distribution area,flora and its vertical distribution characteristics in Awuzhangou,which is located on the northern Xinjiang, China.We collected lichen

31. A Checklist of Lichens in Tumur Peak National Natural Reservation (English)
【Author】A nwar•TUMUR, Abdulla•ABBAS, Patigu•MAHMUT, PAZILAT •BAHTI
【Abstract】120 lichen species, in 49 genera and 21 families, have been recorded from Tumur Peak National Natural reservation Area since 1985, and species distribution changes with altitude.

32. Study on Floristic Phytogeography of Lichens in August First Tree Farm Xinjiang,
China (English)
【Author】 Anwar Tumur Adiljan Abdulla Reyim Mamut Mamat Sattar Kahar Gupur Abdulla Abbas
【Abstract】 The lichens flora of August first tree farm,Urumqi,Xinjiang were preliminarily studied according to field investigation and literature.The Color test(CT),Microcrystal test(MCT) and Thin layer chromato

33. A Significance of Desert Lichens and Bryophytes for Weakening Sand-dust Storm
and Global Warming (English)
【Author】 Jiang-Chun Wei
【Abstract】Some lichens and bryophytes are more highly adaptable than vascular plants to arid desert environment. A lichen is a symbiotic association between a specific fungus and a photosynthetic organism

34. New Records of Lichens from Middle East of Tianshan Mt. Xinjiang, China (English)
【Author】Mahira MUHAMMAT, Mamet SATTAR, Abdulla ABBAS, Anwar TUMUR
【Abstract】Based on large-scale investigation and sampling in urban district of Urumqi and Xiaoquzi, more than 100 lichen species were found and identified by using lightmicroscope and scanning electron microscope. Some species identified by using colour test (CT) , micricrystal test ( MCT) and thin layer chromatography (TLC) . As a result , one species of the lichen genus Lecania new to China and two species of lichen genus Physconia and Cetraria new to Xinjiang were identified. In Lecania toninioides typical form, it is easily recognized by its squamulose thallus with pale edges, its long ascospores, and its usual occurrence on soil. Physconia americana is characterized by its developing tiny lobules on the apothecial margins and old parts of thallus. Cetraria delisei is characterized by its ova-l clavate Asci, Medulla C+ pink, contain gyrophoric acid. These species were briefly described and reported on this paper.

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