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Studies on Historical Evidence and Causes of Aridification in Northern China (Zhongguo Beifang Ganhanhua De Lishi Zhengju He Chengyin Yanjiu)
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Price: US$ 48.00
Studies on Historical Evidence and Causes of Aridification in Northern China (Zhongguo Beifang Ganhanhua De Lishi Zhengju He Chengyin Yanjiu)
Language:  Most of papers in English
Author:  An Zhisheng, Ding Zhongli and Zhou Weijian
Pub. Date:  2004-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  7502938656
Format:  Paperback Pages:  298 pages with figures
Subject:  Earth Science > Climatology
Series:   Size:  185×260mm
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This book contains 25 papers in English and 2 papers in Chinese.

The papers in English are as follows:
The History and Variability of the East Asian Paleomonsoon Climate
Asynchronous Holocene Optimum of the East Asian Monsoon
Evolution of Asian Monsoons and Phased Uplift of the Himalaya-Tibetan Plateau since Late Miocene Times
A Preliminary Seasonal Precipitation Reconstruction from Tree-ring Stable Carbon Isotopes at Mt. Helan, China, since    AD 1804
Sensitivity of East Asian Monsoon Climate to the Uplift of the Tibetan Plateau
Characterization of the Chinese Loess-Paleosol Stratigraphy by Whiteness Measurement
High Resolution Hematite/Goethite Records from Chinese Loess Sequences for the Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycle: Rapid    Climatic Response of the East Asian Monsoon to the Tropical Pacific
Be-Susceptibility Model and Quantitative Estimates of Pedogenic Ferromagnetic Material Flux in Chinese Loess
Holocene Climate Changes over the Desert/Loess Transition of North-Central China
Twentieth Century Increase of Atmospheric Ammonia Recorded in Mount Qomolangma Ice Core
The Ion Chemistry of Lakes and Late and Late Holocene Desiccation in the Badain Jaran Desert, Inner Mongolia, China
Coeval Changes in Grain Size and Sedimentation Rate of Eolian Loess, the Chinese Loess Plateau
Color Reflectance of Chinese Loess and Its Implications for Climate Gradient Changes during the Last Two Glacial-    Interglacial Cycles
Cyclic Rapid Warming on Centennial-Scale Revealed by a 2650-Year Stalagmite Record of Warm Season Temperature
Climate as the Dominant Control on C3 and C4 Plant Abundance in the Loess Plateau: Organic Carbon Isotope Evidence    from the Last Glacial-Interglacal Loess-Soil Sequences
Sources Regions and Formation of the Loess Sediments on the High Mountain Regions of Northwestern China
Environmental and Climatic Change as Recorded in Geological Sediments from the Arid to Semi-Arid Zone of China
Environmental Variability within the Chinese Desert-Loess Transition Zone over the Last 20000 Years
Terrestrial Evidence for a Spatial structure of Tropical-polar Interconnections during the Younger Dry as Episode
The Vegetation Characteristics of the ‘Yuan’ area at Yaoxian on the Loess Plateau in China over the Last 12000    Years
Late Quaternary Evolution and Paleoclimated Western Alashan Plateau, Inner Mongolia, China
Stable Isotope Records of Plant Cover Change and Monsoon Variation in the Past 2200 Years: Evidence from Laminated    Stalagmites in Beijing, China

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