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“The Jehol Group” and “The Jehol Biota” of Northern Hebei
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Price: US$ 38.00
“The Jehol Group” and “The Jehol Biota” of Northern Hebei
Language:  In Chinese with Detailed summary
Author:  Lu Gongyi
Pub. Date:  2008-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  7116058163
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  159 pages + 3 plates
Subject:  Paleontology > General
Series:   Size:  185x260mm
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As one of the eight huge planets of the Solar System, the Earth was formed about 5500-5000 Ma ago. Around 4500 Ma before today, the geological time was beginning when the original Earth’s crust was formed. At the intial stage there were only Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Atmosphere within the Earth. About 3600 Ma ago the Biosphere just was beginning to evolve. At present, the most ancient and reliable fossil is bacterial fossil, which is 32 Ma and was discovered in Southern Africa. From 32 Ma ago up to now the Biosphere has undergone a long geological history of evolutional process-from occur to develop, from prosperity to perishment, from heredity to variation, from resurrection to leap. In a word, from simple to complex, from low grade to high grade, and the Living things of every group including Mankind have been formed at last. Although the appearing time of “the Jehol Biota” is unable to overstep 1.4 Ma, that is an important link during the evolutional process of Biosphere.
Northenr Hebei is the earliest occurring and developing area of “the Jehol Biota”. Just beginning here, “the Jehol Biota” were developing around and have formed a biogeographic province of Eastern Asia, which includes vast northern part and smaller southeastern coastal part of China, southern part of Mongolia, Korea, Japan and Transbaikalia of Russia etc. However, in past dozens years of surveying and studying, the main composition of “the Jehol Biota” were invertebrates, only a little of which were vertebrates. During recent some years, the study on “the Jehol Biota” had made a great progress. According to incomplete statistics, “the Jehol Biota” of Northern Hebei have included about 16 phyla up to now. They are dinosaurs, birds, Mammals, Lizards, Salamaders, Triops, Astacuses, Fishes, Conchostracans, Insects, Bivalves, Gastropods, Ostracods, Plants, Spore-Pollens, Charophyta and so on. Especially the discovery of several rare bird’s fossils were followed with interest of international scientists.

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