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Flora of Pan-Himalaya: Volume 44(1): Lamiaceae I
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Price: US$ 77.00
Flora of Pan-Himalaya: Volume 44(1): Lamiaceae I
泛喜马拉雅植物志 第四十四卷 第一分册
Language:  English
Author:  Qiang Wang
Pub. Date:  2019-12 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030619525
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  236 pages
Subject:  Botany > Botany: General
Series:  Flora of Pan-Himalaya Size:  185x260mm
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Volume 44(1)is the first part of the family Lamiaceae in the Flora of Pan-himalaya. It includes eight subfamilies(Callicarpoideae, Symphorematoideae, Viticoideae, Tectonoideae Ajugoideae, Premnoideae, Peronematoideae, Scutellarioideae) 21 genera, and 136 species.among which two genera (Discretitheca and Holmskioldia)and 38 species are endemic to the Pan-himalaya.
The nomenclatural novelties of the present book are two new species, two new names, one new combination and new status, 39 new synonyms. In addition, lectotypes are newly designated for 75 names
Since 2010, my colleagues and I have made II expeditions to the Pan-himalaya for field observations and collection of materials: four to U, M and L Yarlung Zangbo, and Yarlung Zangbo-brahmaputra, one to Tangut, five to N and S Hengduan, and one to U Irrawaddy. In the present account, I describe two new species, and make one new combination. There are two new names to replace the illegitimate names Teucrium aponiewm Willd. and Premna velutina C. Y. Wu respectively. In addition, I merge inostemon into ecri, and reduce 36 taxa as synonymy (eight in ajuga, five in Callicarpa, three in Caryopteris, three in Clerodendrum, eight in Premna one in Pseudocaryopteris, one in Rotheca, three in Scutellaria, and four in Vitex). I also excluded records of six species in the Pan-himalaya due to the misidentification by the authors of previous works. In the present volume, there are 328 scientific(specific and infraspecific)names, of which 100 are needed to have lectotypes. Here 75 of these names are lectotypified, but 25 names are left for further study
Prof De- Yuan HONG and Mr, Mike Gilbert reviewed and significantly improved the present volume
The editor of figures is Miss Ai-li Ll, who is a plant artist, The distribution maps were automatically produced based on vouchers cited in the present volume, The automatic procedure was designed by Mr Min LI and Mr Jing XUAN

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