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Research Materials of Fossil Fish in China (1)
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Price: US$ 45.00
Research Materials of Fossil Fish in China (1)
Language:  Chinese with English summary
Author:  by China Scientific Book Services
Pub. Date:  2012-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  218 pages
Subject:  Paleontology > Vertebrate
Series:   Size:  210*290mm
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This collected works contains following 30 papers published in Chinese journals . It may be used as research materials in the field.
1. Notes on the Discovery o fListracanthus and Petrodus (Chondrichthyes) from Upper Carboniferous of Ningxia, China (In English)
2. Discovery of Middle Triassic Saurichthys in the Luoping area,Yunnan,China(In Chinese with English summary)
3. A Revision of Middle Jurassic Hybodus houtienensis Young (Chondrichthyes: Hybodontidae) from Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
4. First Late Triassic Record of a Paleoentomofauna from South America (Malargiue Basin, Mendoza Province, Argentina) (In English)
5. Galeaspid of the Middle Paleozoic in China and its palaeogeographic Significance (In English)
6. New findings of Middle Paleozoic Agnatha and Fishes from Kalpin, Xinjiang (In Chinese with English summary)
7. New Material of Buchanosteus and its biostratigraphic significance (In Chinese with English summary)
8. The Occurrence of Fossil Fishes at Ruqu Area, Hongdong County, Shanxi Province, North China (In Chinese with English summary)
9. A New Antarctaspd Arthrodire (Placoderm Fish) From the Lower Devonian of Guangxi, China (In English)
10. Discovery of Cyclurus (Aminae, Amidae, Amiiformes, Pisces) from China (In English)
11. Paleobiogeographic and Stratigraphic Significance of Sinamiidae (In Chinese with English summary)
12. New Materials of Bothriolepis Shaokuanensis and the Age of the Fish Bearing Beds (In Chinese with English summary)
13. Discovery of Fish Fossils from Benxi Group in Eastern Liaoning and its Geological Significance (In Chinese with English summary)
14. Kiangyousteus, A New Arthrodiran fish from Szechuan, China (In Chinese with English summary)
15. The Taxonomy and Description of Early Tertiary Fossil Fishes from Sanshui Basin and the Adjacent Districts of Guangdong (In Chinese with English summary)
16. Correlation of the Devonian Vertebrate Horizons of China with Those in Other Parts of the World (In Chinese with English summary)
17. The discovery of early Cretaceous fish fossil in Waka area of Tashibuergan county of West Kunlun Mountain and its significance (In Chinese with English summary)
18. Note on the Occurrence of fish Remains from Upper Devonian Huangchiateng Formation of Changyang District (In Chinese with English summary)
19. A New Cretaceous Teleost from Chuhsiung, Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
20. Fish Fossils from the Hominoide Bearing Locality at Shihuiba, Lufeng, Yunnan (In Chinese with English summary)
21. On Teleostean Fossils from Nieerku Formation of Eastern Liaoning and the Ceneric Status of Lycoptera Longicephalus (In Chinese with English summary)
22. Paraclupea-A Genus of Duble-Armored Herrings from Chekiang (In Chinese with English summary)
23. The Discovery of Bradyodont from Yangsin Series, the Lower Permian of Liangshan, Shensi (In Chinese with English summary)
24. On the Occurrence of Platysomid in the Changhsing (Changxing) Limestone of Zhejiang (In Chinese with English summary)

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