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  How to order online, step by step   

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  Step 1. Select book → 2. Add to Cart → 3. Go to Checkout → 4.Click "Creat a New Account "  → 5. Fill
                  in Email address and password, select your country and interesting,Click  "Creat a New
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   About Us                  
Our company: China Scientific Book Service Co.Ltd. (CSBC Bookstore) is a bookseller from Beijing,  China. We sell books in many subjects not only natural sciences but also social sciences, especially in natural history,   environment,   earth science and related fields.  We provide academic books,  monographs,  proceedings,  atlas and academic journals,  CD-ROM and other publications to university libraries,  museum libraries,  bookstores,  institutes and personal buyers.  Our company was found in 1990,  and registered in Beijing Administration For Industry and Commerce. 
Our Website: Our website was established in the may of 2000, the earliest one in China to sell books abroad. Our mission is to provide best professional services to all our customers

  About Our Books    
Text Language
The books listed in the website have a language state as below:
Language: Chinese, means the text of the book is written totally in Chinese.
Language: English, means the text of the book is written totally in English.
Language: Chinese and English biligual, means the book is written in both Chinese + English.
Language: Chinese, Latin name, means the text of the book is written in Chinese, the scientific name also
                  provided to each species. 
Language: Chinese with an English abstract , means the text of the book is written in Chinese, there is an
                  English abstract  in the begin or in the end of the book.
Language: Chinese with English summary, means the text of the book is written in Chinese, with an
                  English summary in the end of the book, the English summary may be detailed.
About ISBN:  The books we selling are from publishers from China, there are also some research materials
                 that edited by institutes have no ISBN. Since we are a bookseller from China, the books published
                 before 1990 may have no ISBN. Also,the books listed in early time may have no ISBN because we
                 have no adequate information in the time, we shall complete the information.
Book Exchang: Welcome any authors to send your publications advertising or exchange books with us.
Book Publishing:  Welcome to contact us to publish your works, especailly monographs  
E-Book:  Our E-book all in PDF file, it may be sent to you from email no shipping cost, or as a CD-ROM. 
  Payment Options        
CSBS Bookstore accepts following payment options
1. Credit Card payment online
    ■     Visa
    ■     Master Crad
    ■     American Express
    ■     JVC
   If you are unable to complete the payment online, please send your card information from fax or email.
   We shall keep your card information safe.
2. Paypal payment online, our paypal account is verified. If you don't like to pay the cost
   online or you don't agree the price shown online, and should be offered more discount,
   please contact us, We shall calculate total cost and send an invoice from paypal to you so
   that you can pay the cost smoothly.
3. Bank transfer: If you select this payment method, you will receive an email that tell our
   bank account details.
4. Check payment acceptable including personal check. Check remittances should be paid to the
   order of China Scientific Book Services and be sent to following address:
           China Scientific Book Services,
           Room No.1120, Tower A,
           Kingsound (Jiahao) International Center,
           No. 116,Zi Zhu Yuan Road, Haidian District,
           Beijing 100097, China
5. Cash post from post office: you will receive an email that tell you how to send the cash.

  Shipping & Tracking    

Shipping Information:  we send the books from post office normally as print matter or parcel, or from express delivery. Shipping cost may depends on the total price you ordered. I know it is not a completely reasonable method to some buyers, it is suitable to practical shipping cost on the whole.

Delivery Method

Basic Price

Add Price

Delivery time

Economic airmail (SAL)


0.18*(book price)

About four weeks



0.25*(book price)

About seven to ten days

Sea mail


0.09*(book price)

Two or three monthsss 

Express (FedEX or DHL)


0.22*(book price)

Three or four days 

Order Tracking: We shall offer a tracking number to you, You may find the number in your account. Because of limitation from post office, the tracking number may be sent to you after several days of sending books.  You may find the tracking number in " My Account ".   A tracking URL will be sent to you together. However, This is a tracking from our side. The tracking from your side may not be known. 

  Privacy & Security   
Privacy Policy
: The CSBS Bookstore is deeply committed to protecting your privacy. When you visit the CSBS website or place an order from us, you may be providing information. The personal information you submit to will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties in any form, for any purposes. All information, name, address, phone number,fax number and credit card information are kept private for our bookstores use only and only for the purpose that you intend. CSBS Bookstore safeguards the security of all credit card transactions.
Security: CSBS bookstore is a secure place to shop. The website is put on record in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC as No.12015072, and also on record in the Beijing Public Security Bureau as No. 110108004271. You may find these two numbers in the bottom of the website. If a website has no these two record numbers, it is not a safe website in China. In addition, our parter Capinfo Company Ltd. is a state-controlled IT company with its sound professional IT servicing capability. They provide technological support of credit card service together with China Agicultural Bank of China to us. We guarantee that every transaction you make at will be safe. 

  Return & Refund     
Please contact us to request a returns authorisation, and notify us within 14 days. a full refund will be given for the returned items (including original postage costs) or exchange with brand new correct items. Returns will be authorised in the following cases:
1. The goods received were damaged in transit, or are defective.Please contact us to
    request a returns Authorisation,
2. If you order more than one book, we are unable to supply part of them, return or
    refund will begiven.
3. Repeat payment, when you pay the goods more than one time, please contact us to    obtain a refund
4. The item was incorrectly supplied, you may ask refund or resend a correct itme, Please state which option you prefer.
Note: If you supply the incorrect address, incomplete address, or unclaimed, moved, gone away, the book were returned, we shall send the book again by cheapest delivery method, however,delivery time unknown.  







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