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Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
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Price: US$ 45.00
Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Language:  English
Author:  Sun Song, Andrey V.Adrianov
Pub. Date:  2014-02 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030392466
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  228 pp.
Subject:  Biology & Ecology > Marine Biology
Series:   Size:  180x260 mmm
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This book is prepared jointly by the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS, Qingdao) and A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMB FEB RAS, Vladivostok) as an outcomeof collaboration in the field of marine ecology and biodiversity studies. It covers various topics of ecosystem research, biodiversity, biogeography, environmental safety of the East China, Yellow and Japan seas, focusing on the common problems in both countries. In this book, we have tried to cover a wide range of biological oceanographic issues and invited leading scientists to present comprehensive review papers. We hope that this book would beuseful not only by national researchers, but is of broad interest for neighboring countries and world wide.


  1.1. Budnikova and R.G. Bezrukov(2008) summarized data on the taxonomic composition,abundance and local distribution of amphipods in Peter theGreat Bay and enumerated 349 species collected in a depthrange of 7-280 m.The Russian bivalve molluscan fauna ofthe northwesternPacific was first summarized in a comprehensive book byScarlato (1981), and then in annotated (but not illustrated)catalogues by A.I. Kafanov (1991) and Yu.l. Kantor andA.V Sysoev (2005). Three atlases with selected species fromthe Sea of Japan appeared in the 1990s-2000s (Bogdanov,Sirenko, 1993; Yavnov, 2000; Evseev, Yakovlev, 2006). K.A.Lutaenko and R.G. Noseworthy (2012) published a catalogueof the recent bivalve mollusks of the continental coast of theSea of Japan (from Busan in the south to Tatarsky Strait inthe north). The catalogue is illustrated in color and contains367 species and subspecies belonging to 57 families. Foreach species, the regional province-wise distribution inKorea and in the historical region of Primorye in Russia,for two areas-southern and middle/northern Primorye, isgiven along with verified zonal-geographical characteristicsand taxonomic and/or distributional notes. Bivalve mollusksof Yeongil Bay in South Korea were studied jointly byRussian and Korean malacologists (Lutaenko et al., 2003).lna series ofpapers, YV Gulbin (2004, 2006) and VV Gulbinand E.M. Chaban (2007) summarized the gastropod faunasof Peter the Great Bay, Moneron Island and the entire area ofthe Russian waters of the Sea of Japan. A total of 332 speciesand subspecies of gastropods are known for Russian watersof the Sea of Japan.

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