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Proceedings of SUT International Conference on Subsea Technology and Deepwater Engineering (2012)
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Price: US$ 97.00
Proceedings of SUT International Conference on Subsea Technology and Deepwater Engineering (2012)
Language:  English
Author:  Menglan Duan
Pub. Date:  2013-09 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787502192938
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  477 pp.
Subject:  Technology > Energy > Oil & Gas
Series:   Size:  185x290 mm
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A New Adding Slots Method for Marginal Field Development
Applications of Virtual Reality Technology in Offshore Engineering
Characteristics and Adaptability of the Deepwater Oil and Gas Field Development Mode
Development & Application of Analysis Program for Offshore Structure Skid shoe engineering
Diving Engineering --Analyses and Challenges of Air Surface-Supplied Diving on DP Vessel
Economic Analysis on Reelwell Drilling Method In Deep Water
Key Technologies and Future Trend for Deepwater Platform
Full Mission Bridge Simulations -a Must for (Complex) Offshore Projects
Motion Analysis and Weather Window Selection for Towing of 'Nan Hai Tiao Zhan' Semi-submersible Platform
Numerical Simulation on SPAR platform' s Cable Tension in Deep Sea under Wave and Current
Research on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Heave Damping Plate on Deepwater SPAR Platform
Technique Design of Model Tests for a Typical Wave Energy Converter
The Process Design of Liwan Gas Central Platform
Unified Model of Heat Transfer for Gas-Liquid Flow in Upward Vertical Annuli
Wave Loading Uncertainties and Structural Fatigue Reliability Researches for Semi-Submersible

Development of Virtual Simulation System for Subsea Hardware Installation Procedure
Gas Hydrate Problems during Deep Water Gas Well Test
Installation Technology on Riser Clamps for Platform Upgrading
Investigation on Active Model Test Methods Based on the Deepwater Riser Installation Process
Latest Progress in Deepwater Installation Technologies
Pendulous Method to Install Manifolds in Ultra Deep Water
Optimization Research of Jetting Parameters for Conductor Installation in Deepwater
The Mechanical Analysis of Subsea Manifold Lowered into Deep Water

A Parametric Study Method for J-lay Installation of Deepwater Pipelines
A Theoretical Analysis Method for Sandwich Pipes Under Combined Intemal-Extemal Pressure and Thermal Load
An Experimental Study of Dynamic Response of a Top Tensioned Riser Model Subject to VIV
On Buckling of Subsea Pipe-In-Pipe System
Buckling and Collapse of Sandwich Pipes under External Pressure:A Review
Investigation on Failure Mechanism and Prevention Methods of Steel Catenary Riser
Numerical Simulation of Submarine Pipeline Upheaval Buckling with Different Imperfection Styles
Research about the Riser Selection Scheme in the South China Sea Deep Water Oil and Gas Field Development
Simulation of the Scour Around a Submarine Pipeline Under Uniform Flows
Study on the Burst Limit States of Submarine Pipeline under Internal Corrosion
VIV Prediction of a Long Tension-Dominated Riser using a Wake Oscillator Model

An Overview of Deepwater Subsea Manifold Vertical Connectors
Analysis of Specification on Offshore Drilling Unit
Application of Explicit Quasi-Static Analysis in the Design of Subsea Connector
Calculation Method of Gas Hydrate Formation Inhibitor Concentration for Qiong Dongnan Deepwatwer Drilling
Casing Program Design and Optimization for Deepwater Drilling and Application in Z Block of West Africa
Experimental Study on Tethered Underwater Robot
Maintenance and Repair Methods of Deepwater Equipments
Quantitative Risk Analysis of Simplified Subsea Chemical Injection System
Influencing Factors on Subsea Tree Selection
Research on the Replacement of Subsea Christmas Tree Connector Sealing Ring
Selection Method for Subsea X-tree
Simple Analysis of Application Prospect For Several Deepwater Wellhead Unit
Subsea Gate Valve Design
The Effect of Locking Surface Angles on the Mechanical Advantage of Subsea Connector


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