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Moths of Nanheng Part 1
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Price: US$ 189.00
Moths of Nanheng Part 1
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Fu Jianming
Pub. Date:  2020-12 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9789865449728
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  550 pages
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Lepidoptera
Series:   Size:  215x300mm
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Moths of Nanheng Part 1,Among three cross-island highways which run through the Central Mountain Range of the island-Northern Cross-Island Highway, Central Cross-Island Highway, and Southern Cross-Island Highway (also named as Nanheng), the investigations and reaearches in Northern Cross-Island Highway and Central Cross-Island started much earlier with more abundant publications. In 2009, the weighty Typhoon Morakot pounded Taiwan severely that caused the traffic disconnection on the whole line of Nanheng. After the catastrophe, the Directorate General of Highways proactively contributed to the reconstruction work. Though it hasn’t completely open up to this time, moth research team members of ESRI as well as Mr. Chien-Ming Fu, Mrs. Wen-Hsiang Cheng, and Dr. Mamoru Owada have continuously conducted over 60 times of systematic investigation with the assistance from government agencies: Jiaxian Construction Section, Directorate General of Highways; Yujiang Station, Chiayi Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau; and Yushan National Park Headquarters with over 20 collecting sites along Nanheng west from Meishan and east to Wulu. After rigoruous comparison and identification, exceeding 15000 specimens belonging to 27 families and 1700 species of moths have been accumulated. To share these enormous results with academic communities and the public. ESRI propose a project and make up budget planning in 2020, scheming to publish the book <Moths of Nanheng> in two volumes in two years with this one as the first volume .All the identified secies from the Nanheng Area are included. In addition, the genea and species, that are rare, uncommon or have no clea taxonomic explanation or bionomics previously, are discussed. Several new taxa (including 7 new species and 1 new subspecies) are descrybed from the Nanheng or other areas in Taiwan or Japan. 12 species are newly recorded from different habiats of Taiwan. Altogether 22 moth families and 907 species are recorded and illustrated in this book. Additional note is given if the species does not occur in Nanheng Area

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