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Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.56 Hymenoptera Proctotrupoidea (I)
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Price: US$ 109.00
Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.56 Hymenoptera Proctotrupoidea (I)
中国动物志 昆虫纲 第五十六卷 膜翅目 细蜂总科(一)
Language:  Chinese with English summary
Author:  He Junhua & Xu Zaifu
Pub. Date:  2015-06 Weight:  2.1 kg ISBN:  9787030442918
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  1080 pages
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Hymenoptera
Series:  Fauna Sinica Insecta Size:  26.8 x 20 x 5.6 cm
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Fauna Sinica Insecta Vo.56 Hymenoptera Proctotrupoidea (I), The Present monograph deals with the proctotrupid fauna of China.It comprises two parts, general part and taxonomic part. The general part divided into five chapters while the taxonomic part contains five parts that corresponds to five families of the superfamily proctotrupoidea from China.
I. General part
1. The name of the superfamily
2. The phylogeny position and current advance
3. Morphology, biology and biogeography
4. Key to families
5. The geochronology
II. Taxonomic part
1. Family Proctotrupidae
2. Family Vanhorniidae
3. Family Heloridae
4. Family Roproniidae
5. Family Hsiufuroproniidae
In the first chapter of the general part the nomenclatural change between the name Proctotrupoidea and Serphoidea is discussed. In the second chapter the phylogeny position and the members of the superfamily are summaried. In the third chapter, the morphology, biology and biogeography of the superfamily is reviewed. In the fourth chapter, keys to families and introductions of each family were listed. In the fifth chapter, The geochronology of the superfamily is discussed. Proctotrupoidea, including eleven families currently, is the oldest superfamily in Hymenoptera. All the ten families have fossils. Seven families of them contain extinct species and existent species, another four families were extinct. Catalogue of world species of fossil species in the present work were listed, of which species origin from China were marked with locality and geographic er.
In the taxonomic part, Family Proctotrupidae is grouped into 19 genera and 365 species, of which one is new genus, one is new species group, 268 are new species, 2 species group and 4 species are new to China

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