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Bryophyte of Fanjingshan
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Price: US$ 104.00
Bryophyte of Fanjingshan
Language:  Chinese,Latin name
Author:  Xiong Yuanxin
Pub. Date:  2014-07 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787553200774
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  850 pages
Subject:  Botany > Bryophyte & Lichen > Bryophytes
Series:   Size:  210x290mm
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Bryophyte of Fanjingshan,As an important group of higher plants in nature, Bryophytes has small size and morphological diversity, in natural ecosystems has important ecological functions, in the description of the diversity of all higher plants, it will be incomplete without Bryophytes. Bryophytes widely distribute worldwide, a total of about 22, 000 kinds. China has a total of about 3.000 kinds of Bryophytes. Guizhou has approximately 1, 600 species, there is a wide range of complex groups of Bryophytes in Fanjingshan which is a nature reserve has the most known Bryophytes in China. According to Bryophytes specimens in Bryophytes herbarium of Guizhou University Nature Museum and reports of relevant statistics of Fanjingshan Bryophytes in recent years, Fanjingshan has 757 Bryophytes names (including classification units following species)are recorded, after our careful taxonomic work. We have excluded synonyms, uncertain taxonomic units, controversial classification units, and have confirmed that there are 74 families, 223 genera, 657 kinds and classification units of following species of known Bryophytes so far in the area Fanjingshan is full of green mountains, such as Dai, showing the vast gray, a study site cherished by many biological researchers. Having been engaged in the study of Bryophytes for 30 years, I feel very fortunate because I can go deep into anjingshan many times to do some collection and research, I can achieve new and endless discoveries and insights every time hen I go into the mountains! Now more than ten years research on Fanjingshan Bryophytes can be together into a book. In the process of preparation and identification of specimens, we get great support and help from Bryophytes academic colleagues, they are China Institute of Botany, Researcher Wu Pengcheng, Researcher Jia Yu, Wang Meizhi teacher. The Botanical Gardens. Researcher Zhang Li, East China Normal University Professor Zhu Ruiliang, Professor Wang Youfang, Hangzhou Normal University, Professor Wu Yuhuan, Hebei Normal University, Professor Zhao Jiancheng, Qingdao Agricultural University, Professor Yi Yanjun and so on. To express my sincere thanks here


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