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Catalogue of Chinese Coleoptera Volume 3 Staphylinidae
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Price: US$ 155.00
Catalogue of Chinese Coleoptera Volume 3 Staphylinidae
Language:  English
Author:  Li Lizhen
Pub. Date:  2018-06 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030615336
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  744 pages
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Coleoptera
Series:  Catalogue of Chinese Coleoptera Size:  210x270mm
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This work is the third volume of Catalogue of Chinese Coleoptera, attempting to summarize all the published literature of the beetle auna in China. This volume covers all valid and invalid names of extant taxa of the family Staphylinidae described before 1st January 2019. The second edition of Catalogue of Palaeartic Coleoptera( Lobl &D, Lobl, 2015) was used as a basic reference work, and species described after that date were extracted from Zoological Record. An attempt was made to collect information on type localities, type depositories, all new nomenclatural acts, and additional distributional data. The following additional resources were used to acquire these data:  Catalog of the Saplinidae (Insecta, Coleoptera): 1758 to the end of the second millennium, Volumes 1-7 (Heman 2001b) printed and online version of zoological Record (1864-2018) and all individual original publications related to the Chinese fauna. Changes in higher level classification affecting Chinese taxa in the following works are followed: Chani-posse, 2013: Brunke et al, 2015: Kurbatov &Sabella, 2015: Newton, 2015b: Schomann Solodovnikov, 2016: Chani-posse ef al., 2017; and Newton, unpublished database catalog of world Staphyliniformia.
A total of 6, 486 valid species(subspecies)classified in 22 subfamilies and 578 genera are included. Extinct taxa, names rejected by the Intemational Commission on Zoological Nomenclature(N),misspellings, misidentifications, and nomina mda are not listed in the catalogue. Similarly, infrasubspecific names, such as those established as"morpha","natio","","subvariety"and aberation"are excluded from the catalogue. Names proposed as varieties or forms before 1961 are included. if deemed  subspecific under the provisions of the CZN. A full bibliography of the original descriptions, synonyms and new combinations is provided Data on the simplified type locality, type depository and world distribution of each species are given. 
In order to summarize the latest data of Chinese rove beetles, we compiled the present catalogue based on reviewing relevant literatures published before 1st  January 2019, and recorded a total of 22 subfamilies, 578 genera, and 6,486 species (including subspecies). Data on simplified type locality, type depository, synonyms, homonyms, original and current genus-species combinations, and geographical distributions of each species were provided. A full bibliography was given. The purpose of this catalogue is to provide convenience for specialists to consult, and hope to promote future research regarding Staphylinidae


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