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The Botanical Gardens of China No. 9
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Price: US$ 45.00
The Botanical Gardens of China No. 9
中国植物园 第九期
Language:  Chinese
Author:  By the Chinese Association of Botanical Gardens
Pub. Date:  2006-04 Weight:   kg ISBN:  7503843632
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  198 pages
Subject:  Botany > Flowers > Botanical Garden
Series:   Size:  185x260mm
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The Essential Common Elements and Diverse Individuality of Botanical Gardens
On Operation of Botanical Gardens
Economic Importance and Classification of Economic Plants in South China Botanical Garden
Ex situ Conservation and Development of Botanical Gardens
The Status and Function of Theme Gardens in Botanical Gardens and the Planning for Allotment of Theme Gardens in Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai
Living Collection and Management of Pants in the Tropical Conservatory
Perspectives on the Development and Supply Service of Plant Diversity Knowledge in the Post-Flora Time
The Contribution of Lushan Botanical Garden to the Plant Diversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilization
Study on Introduction of Twenty Australian Endemic Ornamentals
The Introduction and Utilization of Osmanthus fragrans in Hefei Botanical Garden
The Effect of Altitude on the Growth of Introduced Trees in Mt. Hengshan
Investigation of Foreign Plants Introduced in Lushan Botanical Garden between 1934 and 1958
Assessment of Air Quality in Beijing Botanical Garden Using Negative Air Ion Concentration as an Index
Plants of Calligonum from China and their Ex-Situ Conservation and Utilization
Research Ideas of Medicinal Plant Based on Conservation Biology
Effects of Water Extract of Fallen Leaves of Phellodendron amurense on Seed Germination
Research Advance in Quercus wutaishanica
Study on Seed Propagation and Cutting Propagation of Indigofera bungeana
Conservation and Sustainable Uses of Orchidaceae Plants
The Orchidaceae Collection, Research, Exhibition and Education on TNM Botanical Garden in Taiwan
Research and Use of Ornamental Grasses
Study on Living Plant Collection
The Landscape Planning and Management of Specialist Peony Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden
Construction of Tropical Fruit Trees Garden
The Management of Botanic Gardens and Sustainable Development
The Development Plan of Hunan Forest Botanical Garden
Current Trend and Strategy of Botanical Gardens in Arid Zones
Collection and Utilization of Psamophytes and Xerophytes
A Preliminary Report of the Study on Introduction and Cultivation of Tree Peony Cultivars
A Preliminary Report of the Study on Introduction and Cultivation of Herbaceous Peony Cultivars
The Effects of Different Soilless Media on the Growth and Development of Primula acaulis Species
Some Considerations on the Development of Wulumuqi Botanical Garden

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