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Record of Megafossil Plants from China (1865-2005):Record of Mesozoic Megafossil Coniferophytes from China
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Price: US$ 88.00
Record of Megafossil Plants from China (1865-2005):Record of Mesozoic Megafossil Coniferophytes from China
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Wu Xiangwu
Pub. Date:  2019-04 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787312046216
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  538 pages
Subject:  Paleontology > Paleobotany
Series:  Record of Megafossil Plants from China (1865-2005) Size:  210x280mm
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Record of Megafossil Plants from China (1865-2005):Record of Mesozoic Megafossil Coniferophytes from China---This book is the fifth volume of Record of Megafossil Plants from China (18653 2005). There are two parts of both Chinese and English versions, mainly documents completes data on the Mesozoic megafossil coniferophytes, gnetophytes and some problematic gymanosperms of China that have been officially published from 1865 to 2005. All of the records are compiled according to generic and specific taxa. Each record of the generic taxon include author(s) who established the genus, establishing year, synonym, type species and taxonomic status. The species records are included under each genus, including detailed descriptions of original data, such as author(s) who established the species, publishing year author(s) or identified person(s), page(s), plate(s), text-figure(s), locality (ies), ages and horizon(s). For those generic names or specific names established based on Chinese specimensthe type specimens and their depository institutions have also been recorded. In this book totally 139 generic names (among them, 23 generic names are established based on Chinese specimens)have been documented, and totally about 830 specific names(among them, about350 specific names are established based on Chinese specimens ). Each part attaches four appendixes, including: Index of Generic Names, Index of Specific Names, Table of Institutions that House the Type Specimens and index of Generic Names to Volumes I-V. At the end of the book, there are references. This book is a complete collection and an easy reference document that is compiled based on extensive survey of both Chinese and abroad literatures and a systematic data collections palaeobotany. It is suitable for reading for those who are working on research, education and data base related to palaeobotany, life sciences and earth sciences.


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