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Proceedings of the First Strait Symposium on Edible and Medicinal Fungi - Mycosystema (Acta Mycologica Sinica) 2005  Vol. 24  Suppl.(out of Print)
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Price: US$ 43.00
Proceedings of the First Strait Symposium on Edible and Medicinal Fungi - Mycosystema (Acta Mycologica Sinica) 2005 Vol. 24 Suppl.(out of Print)
菌物学报 2005 24卷 增刊
Language:  Most of the papers in Chinese
Author:  Mycological Society of China
Pub. Date:  2005-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  362 pages
Subject:  Botany > Mycology > Edible and Medicinal Fungi
Series:   Size:  185×260mm
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I Summarizing of Mushroom Industry (18 papers)
1. The status quo and development trend of internal and international mushroom industries
2. The characteristics, developing future and status of Chinese mushroom industries
3. New progress on moleclular breeding of edible fungi
4. Accomplish the image of development stage objective of medicinal fungus cause of China
5. Review of Chinese edible fungi on DNA molecular markers research in the past 10 years
6. The searching for Chinese mushroom advantage and increasing mushroom production benefit
7. Plant variety protection and edible fungi
8. practicing safety engineering of quality to promote the development of fungi mushroom industry
9. present status and future of production and marketing for pleurotus nebrodensis in Henan,China
10. Outlook for Fungi edible-medicinal fungi gern-plasm bank and variety identification technique
11. Developing the processing industry of mushroom product
12. Analysis of production and export trend for Fujian mushroom cans
13. A review of heavy metal content in the edible fungi
14. Discussion of whether disaster and whether service in fungi production
15. The main problem and countermeasure for edible mushroom industry facing to the new situation
16. The status quo of India edible mushroom industry
17. Summarizing the value of medical and health care and explored prosect on edible fungi
18. A preliminary study on the organizing and management in the construction of shiitake mushroom standard production base
II Resources Exploitation (16 papers)
III Genetic Breeding (13 papers)
IV Physiology and Biochemistry (12 papers)
V Cultivation Materials (8 papers)
1. The effect of soil on the heavy metal content of Agaricus blazei
2. Study on cultivation of edible fungi with crop residues
3. Study on the application of cassava residue to bag cultivation of Auricularia anricula
4. The study on screening of the additive for cultivation spawns of Agaricus bisporus
5. A preliminary study on the Agaricus bisporus cultivation by using green soybean stalk substituting part of rice straw
6. High-yield cultivating techniques of mushroom using synthetic medium of rape stem and shell
7. Application and discussion of bamboo scraps used in edible mushroom cultivation
8. Effects of the casing materials on the primordia formation of Agaricus bisporus
VI Cultivation Technology (19 papers)
VII Medicinal Fungi (17 papers)
VIII Processing Technology (1 paper)
1. Studied on the Agaricus biosporus soakage processing technology with organic acid
IX Diseases and Insect Pests (1 paper)
1. The investigation of population and integrated control to rats in mushroom hothouse
X Edible and Medicinal Fungi In Taiwan (5 papers)


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