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Herpetologica Sinica 10
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Price: US$ 35.00
Herpetologica Sinica 10
兩栖爬行動物學研究 (第10輯)
Language:  Chinese with English summary and Latin name
Author:  Zhou Kaiya and Ji Xiang
Pub. Date:  2005-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  7206047432
Format:  Paperback Pages:  398 pages with figures
Subject:  Zoology > Herpetology > Herpetologica Sinica
Series:   Size:  185×260mm
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The circulatory model in the heart and principal blood vessels of impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa)
The digestive and respiratory system of monitor lizard (Varanus salvator)
Inter-and intra-specific differences in morphological traits in three species of toad-headed lizards from Inner Mongolia
The morphological characters and female mate choice of tiger frogs (Rana rugulosa) during the breeding season
A preliminary description of biological characteristics of the Chinese gecko (Gekko chinensis) from Zhaoqing, southern    China
A Study on embryology of Shinisaurus crocodilurus
Morphometric Analyses of Chinese giant salamander, Andrias davidianus
Systematics and distribution of the genus Nanorana
A cluster analysis on the geographical distribution of amphibians and reptiles in Heilongjiang Province
A report on amphibians and reptiles of Yaoshang National National Nature Reserve, Qiaojia County, Yunnan
Diversity of brown frogs around Bohai
A report on amphibians and reptiles of Nabanhe National Nature Reserve in Yunnan
Morphological Study of the pitviper Genus Ovophis in China with a new record of snake in Guangxi
On diversity and faunal characteristics of amphibians and reptiles in Cenwanglaoshan Nature Reserve of Guangxi
New records of three species of amphibians in Guangxi
A study of evolutionary relationships among newts from the Nanling Mountains
Biodiversity and faunal analysis of amphibians and reptiles in the central part of Nanling Mountains
A study of distribution of the Chinese crocodile lizard
Research on the distribution characteristics of Gloydius shedaoensis
Field active body temperatures of the northern grass lizards (Takydromus septentrionalis) from different geographic    localities
Acute toxicities and effects of dichlorvos and butachlor to Rana japonica tadpoles and its growth
The acute toxicity of heavy metal Cr6+ to the tadpoles of two anuran species
Within population variation in sizes of the organs for energy storage and fecundity in the tiger frog, Hoplobatrachus    rugulosus
Reproduction of Eramias multiocellata from a Minqin population
Reproductive behaviour of Hylarana latouchii
A preliminary study on the relative fatness and the weight-length index of Rana chensinensis in different regions
Burrowing characteristics of Chinese alligators with high density in captivity


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