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Contribution to the Fauna of Longhorn Beetles in the Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve
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Price: US$ 52.00
Contribution to the Fauna of Longhorn Beetles in the Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve
Language:  English
Author:  Andreas Weigel , Ling-Zeng Meng
Pub. Date:  2013-06 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9789868685024
Format:  Soft Cover Pages:  224 pages, colour photos
Subject:  Zoology > Entomology > Coleoptera
Series:  Beetle books of China Size:  185x260mm
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This book is a contribution to the fauna of longhorn beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in the Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve (China: Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, NRWNNR). The geography, climate, vegetation and land use of NRWNNR are introduced, and study regions, material, methods and collecting sites and sampling areas are described. The study history of Cerambycidae in China and especially in Yunnan is briefl introduced. The main part of Contribution to the Fauna of Longhorn Beetles in the Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve is the longhorn beetles fauna in the NRWNNR based on material collected under the support of a Sino-German cooperative project named " Living Landscape China" LILAC-project.
A total of 459 species belonging to 4 subfamilies of Cerambycidae and Disteniidae (1 species) were identified., including 96 species only identified into generic level. A total of 53 species were recorded from China for the first time in Lobl & Smetana (2010)'s Catalogue of Palaeartic Coleoptera: Vol. 6, based on specimens from our project from NRWNNR by A. Weigel. Another 60 species are recorded from China for the first time in this book. Among them, 8 genera are newly recorded from China. They are: Acapnolymma Gressitt & Rondon, 1970; Cyphoscyla Thomson, 1868; Diorthus Gahan, 1891; Elacomia Heller, 1916; Golsinda Thomson, 1861; Gyaritus Pascoe, 1858; Paradystus Aurivillius, 1923; Xenicotela Bates, 1884. What's more, 4 species were described after 2009 based on material from our project. Systematical lists and records, with one dorsal view picture of each species are presented.
Taxonomic acts including: 6 species with status resurrected, 2 species with new status, 2 new combinations and 12 new synonyms. It is written in English, with Chinese abstract. Some place names are bilingually marked in case of confusing. And, in figures legends for plates, latin species names are marked with Chinese common names, for the convenient communication among Chinese readers.
The price for hardback is USD98, sold out.  This price is for softcover

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