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Spore-Pollen and Algal Assemblages in the Sediments of The Bohai Sea and Palaeoenvironments
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Price: US$ 26.00
Spore-Pollen and Algal Assemblages in the Sediments of The Bohai Sea and Palaeoenvironments
Language:  Chinese with English summary
Author:  Wang KaiFa
Pub. Date:  1993-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  143 pages+12 plates
Subject:  Earth Science > Marine Sciences > Plaeoceanography
Series:   Size:  185x260mm
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The Bohai Sea, a continental sea belonging to the north of China, is an important basin in which oil and gas have been explored and exploited. Research results on the Quaternary are the essential background information for the problems of engineering geology in the petroleum exploitation of the Bohai Sea is an important part of the researches on palynology of the continental shelves of the China Seas. Since 1979, the samples from the surface sediments and cores of the Bohai Sea were systematicly analysed, including spore-pollen and algal analysis, researches on sedimentary organic matter and opal phytolith. The distributive characteristics of the spores, pollen, diatoms, sedimentary organic matter and opal phyolith in the surface sediments of the Bohai Sea have been described and the distributive areas of the above plant materials in the surface sediments divided on the basis of the systematic researches. According to the characteristics of the spore-pollen assemblages, applying mathematical and statistical approches(factor analysis, system cluster analysis, fuzzy cluser analysis and correspondence analysis), the sediments of the Bohai Sea since the Late Pleistocene can be synthetically divi ded into nine spore-pollen zones and six sub-zones. These zones represent respectively nine phases of sedimentary organic matter and opal phytolith with the spore-pollen analysis, the variations of aplaeogeography, sea level and palaeoenvironment are discussed. The research of the Quaternary of the Bohai Sea and enrich the marine palynology of China.
1) The concentration of spore-pollen and palaeoenvironment;
2) Tedeposited spore-pollen fossils in the marine sediments;
3) Hystrichosphaera and palaeoenvironment;
4) Application of the correspondence analysis in the study on palaeoclimate;
5) The lower boundary of the Holocene of the Bohai Sea;
6) Influence of human activities on the vegetations of the Changdao Island.
There are 12 plates of the spores, pollen, algae, sedimentary organic matter and opal phytolith in the sediments of the Bohai Sea in this book.

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