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Climatological Atlas of the People's Republic of China
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Price: US$ 123.00
Climatological Atlas of the People's Republic of China
Language:  Chinese
Author:  The editorial committee
Pub. Date:  2002-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  7502933808
Format:  Hardcover Pages:  250
Subject:  Earth Science > Climatology
Series:   Size:  41 cm
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The charts were included into the Atlas: China Topographic Map, Administrative Divisions Map, Map of China Climatic Regions, China Agroclimatic Regions and 5 Climatological Chart series. The latter fiver series are the Essential Climatological charts with 162 charts (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, humidity, cloud, wind and ground temperature); Physical Climatological Charts with 53 charts (radiation, heat and moisture balance); Synoptic-Climatological Charts with 9 charts (tropical storms, severe tropical storms, typhoon and cold waves); Climate Change Charts with 12 charts (temperature and precipitation variations); Applied Climatological Charts with 99 charts (agroclimatology, engineering climate and aviation climate). The total amount of charts in the Atlas are 339.
The projections of base maps used for original analysis are equiangular conic. All maps for Synoptic-Climatological Charts adopted the 30° and 60° N as standard latitude with a scale of 1:20000000 and for other chart series they are 25°, 47°N and scale 1:8000000 respectively.
All charts were analyzed based on basic data of 30 years (1961-1990) normals which comply with the International Standard defined by WMO. In addition to the selected 655 stations from National Reference Network, the Essential Climatological Charts and Applied Climatological Charts (engineering climate and aviation climate ) have supplemented with data of 180 stations from sparse area of western China. The annual values of 1951-1997 have been used for temperature and precipitation variation charts at individual stations respectively and the average normal values of 1961-1990 used as average values. The Tropical Storms were based on “Typhoon Yearbook” of 1949-1984 years. The basic data of cold wave came from “Cold Wave Yearbook” of 1951-1980 years. Besides, the data of Taiwan Province were originated from synoptic reports of years 1961-1990, some items were used the data archiving before 1949 and remained some items blank.
“Climatological Atlas of the People’s Republic of China” consists of Essential Climatological Charts, Physical Climatological Charts, Synoptic-Climatological Charts, Climate Change Charts and Applied Climatological Charts. A substantial improvement was made if compared with the atlases that published before in terms of contents and numbers of charts. In this Atlas, the Charts of Physical Climatology, Climate Changes and Applied Climatology are newly published. Aiming at diversified professional requirements, users of the Atlas could apply in their own ways through this comprehensive Atlas for retrieving spatial and temporal distributions of certain climatological elements and/or checking climate resources in targeted regions. By using the Atlas, the decision makers may access advanced informative consultations for preparations of natural disaster’s preparedness and mitigations, and the integrated utilization of climate resources as well. The research and educational community would be beneficial by using the Atlas for further studying the issues of climate changes in China. In general, the Atlas should be an applicatory and valuable tool for research and educational communities.

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