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Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China (Volume 13) - Hubei and Hunan (16 Volumes set)
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Price: US$ 98.00
Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China (Volume 13) - Hubei and Hunan (16 Volumes set)
中國出土瓷器全集 (13) - 湖北 湖南
Language:  Chinese and English bilingual
Author:  Zhang Bai
Pub. Date:  2008-01 Weight:   kg ISBN:  9787030202550
Format:  Special Pages:  240 pages with color photos
Subject:  Antiques & Collectibles > Porcelain
Series:   Size:  215*290mm
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1. The Hubei AreaThe Hubei area witnessed the appearance of proto-porcelains during the Shang and Zhou eras, the classical evolution and peak of greenwares during Six Dynasctics through Sui and Tang eras; the production of exquisite bluish-white porcelains of the Song dynastic periods; and the gradual thriving of porcelains with colorful decorations during the Yuan, Ming and Qing periods. The development of porcelains is also well represented by the expansion of local kilns, some of which are large in scale and continued to fire for thousands of years. Contact and interchange with outside Hubei through trade for enfeoffments are represented in the archaeological finds from Yue kilns, Changsha kilns, Ding kilns, Jun kilns, Longquan kilns, Yaozhou kilns, Dengdeng kilns, Cizhou kilns, Jizhou kilns, Jingdezhen kilns, Jian kilns, Dehua kilns, and so forth. All these comprise the exquisite collections of the museums in Hubeim and only a very small part of these ceramics are published in the present catalogue.
2. The Hunan Area
Ceramic manufacture in Hunan has a long and multi-faceted history. The Neolithic site of Yuchanyan in Dao-xian county is where the earlist remains of rice cultivation were discovered, dating as early as 10,000 years ago, and where the earlist pottery sherds are documented. Ceramic production evolved and advanced with distinctive aesthetics and ceramic types from Shang through Warring States periods. Particularly distinctive are lacquer painted pottery, proto-porcelain, green-glazed pottery, pottery painted with tinfoil (xitutao), and pottery painted with unfaired pigments.


【Main Contents】

1. Proto-porcelain stem dish (dou) with a thin glaze
2. Proto-porcelain jar with two loop-lugs and traces of a greenish glaze
3. Proto-porcelain vessel (bu) with two loop-lugs and incised birds and clouds
4. Greenware (qingci or qingyouci) jar with four loop-lugs
5. Greenware jar with four loop-lugs and stamped woven patterns
6. Proto-porcelain pot with twp loop-lugs
7. Greenware water pot with appliqué frog head and legs
8. Greenware covered jar (yu) with remains of a greenish glaze
9. Greenware censer with perforations
10. Greenware lampstand with five receptacles and eight appliqué dragons around the support
11. Burial model of a courtyard
12. Greenware burial model of a mortar with foot-operated pestle and arm support
13. Greenware partitioned nesting box (green glaze flaked)
14. Greenware censer
15. Figure of a cook slaughtering fish with traces of greenish yellow glaze
16. Greenware lampstand in the shape of a man carrying on his head a stem bowl
17. Greenware holder in the shape of an animal
18. Greenware holder in the shape of a tiger with a flaked yellowish green glaze
19. Greenware tiger pot
20. Greenware flat-sided carrying flask (bianhu) with appliqué loop-lugs
231. Blue-and-white dish with design of fish and waterweeds encircled by peony scrolls, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
232. Blue-and-white yuhuchun (spring in jade bottle, a wine brand) vase with motif of a theatrical scene about the historical        general Meng Tian, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
233. Qingbai-glazed water stem up with moulded lotus petal design, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
234. Egg-white glazed stem cup with moulded lotus petal design, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
235. Green-glazed mortuary vase with applied figures of Buddhist monks, musicians and dragons, Hengzhou kiln, Hunan
236. Green-glazed mortuary vase with appliqué animal figures, Hengzhou kiln, Hunan
237. Plain sancai (tri-colored pot of lobed form incised with four peony sprays covered with colored glazes
238. Green-glazed flowerpot with a hole on the base
239. Peacock-blue (turquoise) glazed flowerpot stand
240. Qingbai-glazed figure of a Taoist nun

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